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Musica de las Esferas 1

The Sweet Voice/ Melody of the Music of the Spheres Kabbalistic, Numerological (Mathematical) and Musical Concordances of the Number "432" and the Pitch "A-432Hz" the "only scientific tuning." - "Harmony" "Sweetness in Sound" "Beauty in Light" -

"O my dove, in the clefts of the rock, in the covert of the cliff, Let me see your countenance, let me hear your voice; For your voice is sweet, and your countenance is comely." (Song of Songs 2: 14-15).

"23. When the Holy One, blessed be He, enters the Garden of Eden, all the trees of the Garden and all the souls of the righteous open and say 'Lift up your heads, O you gates...Who is this king of glory... Lift up your heads, O you gates...' (Psalms 24:7-10). And when the souls of the righteous that are on earth return to their bodies, then all those angels encourage them and say 'Behold, bless Hashem, all you servants of Hashem' (Psalms 134:1). We learned that the third host says this verse in the last four hours, WHICH ARE THE CENTRAL COLUMN."

"24. And the third host recites poetry until the light of the morning rises and then all those stars and constellations praise their Master and all those archangels that govern by daytime, NAMELY THAT ARE DRAWN FROM ZEIR ANPIN, all praise their Master and recite poetry. This is as said, 'when the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of Elohim shouted for joy' (Iyov 38:7). THIS REFERS TO ALL THE ANGELS. BECAUSE AT NIGHT ONLY A PART OF THE ANGELS RECITE POETRY, MEANING THOSE WHO ARE DRAWN FROM MALCHUT. BUT DURING DAYTIME EVERYONE RECITES POETRY, EVEN THE ANGELS WHO ARE DRAWN FROM ZEIR ANPIN."

"25. When the sun comes out, by day, all Yisrael sing below and the sun above. This is as written: 'May they fear You as long as the sun' (Psalms 72:5). When the sun drives its wheels, a pleasant voice begins to sing. What is it singing? It sings 'Oh give thanks to Hashem, call upon His name... Sing to Him, sing psalms to Him...' (Psalms 105:1-45). And Yisrael praise the Holy One, blessed be He, by day. This is the meaning of the verse 'May they fear You as long as the sun.' And though we established this scripture, Rabbi Eleazar said: if the inhabitants of the world were not hard hearted and blindfolded, they would not have been able to bear the sweet voice of the wheel of the sun, when it drives and praises the Holy One, blessed be He. THIS IS THE MEANING OF 'MAY THEY FEAR YOU AS LONG AS THE SUN'...." (The Zohar).

Belleza en Luz

Science has confirmed that so it is: "The Sun Sings".

Scientific Websites with publications on the Sun, such as the "Stanford Solar Center" website, have, among others, the following links: "Hear the Sun Sing", "Solar Music", "Song of the Sun", "Listen to the Sun's Song", etc.

Sun Sing

In its Song-Dance from north to south and from south to north, between the June and December Solstices, the Sun traces in Space the Sign of the Infinite or the Holy Eight of the Caduceus of Mercury, or the Double-Helix "DNA".


This "Solar Curve" in the shape of "8" is called "Analemma" or "Analema" in Astronomy and "Lemniscate" in Analytic Geometry: "an eight-shaped curve traced by the Sun in the daytime sky over the course of a year..."

"Moving to the rhythm of the Sun...", "... sounds generated deep inside the Sun cause the Earth to shake and vibrate in sympathy, as happens with the guitar strings, when plucking one, another tuned to the same note also vibrates", "... Scientists have found that Earth's magnetic field, atmosphere and terrestrial systems, all take part in this cosmic sing-along, Earth moves to the rhythm of the Sun. [...] distinct, isolated tones predicted to be generated by pressure and gravity waves in the Sun, are present in a wide variety of terrestrial systems...", "... the solar blasts send acoustic waves to the loops at tens of kilometres per second. 'These loops can be up to one hundred million kilometres long and guide waves and oscillations in a similar way to a pipe organ'...", these are some -among many others- of the scientific notes published on the Internet, which admirably illustrate the beauty of the Sun's and Earth's Music and Dance: The Music of the Spheres!

The words quoted above: "Then when the sun appears in broad daylight, Israel continues singing below in unison with the sun above, as Scripture says: 'They revere you at the coming of the sun' (Psalms LXXII, 5) For the sun, when beginning its course, appears with sweet melody, singing: 'O, give thanks to the Lord, call upon his name... Sing unto him, sing praises unto Him...' (Psalms CV, 1-45)...", were experienced by the ancient Essenes whose tradition is extensively and detailedly written by Philo of Alexandria in "Contemplative Life" where he bears testimony to how the "Therapeutae" of Egypt (Contemplative "Essenes") compose Hymns to God and sing them in antiphonal harmonies:

"83. XI, After the meal they hold the sacred vigil, which is celebrated in the following manner. They all stand up together, and at the centre of the refectory they first form two choirs, ONE OF MEN AND THE OTHER OF WOMEN. The leader and precentor chosen for each being the most highly esteemed among them and the most musical. 84 Then they sing hymns to God composed in many metres and melodies, now chanting together, now alternating with antiphonal harmonies and moving hands and feet in concordant harmony and uttering, possessed by divine inspiration, the processional chants, and at another time the stasima [*], and executing the strophes and antistrophes of the choral dance."

[* Literally, Space or Interval in the Dance. "In Greek drama, Stasimon is a stationary song, composed of strophes and antistrophes and performed by the choir of the orchestra. [1] Each episode is followed by a stasimon. Choir's entrance and performance is called parodos (para + hodos road). Conventionally, as most of the odes, it is written in Doric Greek language."]

"85. Then, when each choir has completed for itself its own part in the feasting, drinking as in Bacchic festivals of the pure wine of divine love, they join together, and the two choirs become one, an imitation of that one which, in old time, was established at the Red Sea, on account of the wondrous works which were displayed there. 86. For, by the commandment of God, the sea became a cause of salvation to the one side and of utter destruction to the other; for it being burst asunder, and dragged back by a violent reflux, and being built up on each side as if there were two solid walls of water facing each other, the space in the midst was widened, and cut into a wide and dry road, along which the people passed over to the opposite land, being conducted onwards to higher ground. Then, when the sea returned and ran back to its former channel, and was poured out from both sides on what had just before been dry ground, those of the enemy who pursued were overwhelmed and perished."

"87. After witnessing and experiencing this great miracle, men and women together, under the influence of divine inspiration, became all one choir, sang hymns of thanksgiving [Hodayoth] to God their Saviour, Moses the Prophet leading the men, and Mary the Prophetess leading the women."

"88. The choir of the Therapeutae, both male and female, faithfully imitating this model, produces a most harmonic and truly musical concert, the shrill voices of the women mingling with the deep-toned voices of the men. Exceedingly beautiful are the thoughts, exceedingly beautiful are the words, and august the choristers, and the end goal of thoughts and words and choristers alike is piety. 89. Therefore, drunk with this noble drunkenness, they go on till dawn without feeling their heads heavy or closing their eyes for sleep, but being even more awake than when they came to the banquet. And then they stand with their faces and whole body turned to the east, and when they behold the rising Sun, with hands stretched heavenward, they implore a joyous day and to attain truth and acuity of thought. And after the prayers they retire each to their own sanctuaries once more to practise and cultivate the field of their wonted philosophy."

"90. So much then for the Therapeutae who, with love, have embraced the contemplation of nature and its constituent parts; who live for the soul alone, being citizens of heaven and the world, and legitimately united with the Father and Creator of the Universe because of their virtue, which has secured for them God's friendship as their most appropriate reward, which far surpasses all the gifts of fortune and attains to the very summit of joy." (Philo of Alexandria, "Contemplative Life").

The Therapeutae of Egypt were a Contemplative Community of men and women Initiated into the Mysteries. Remembering Moses, Mary and the People of Israel, they used to compose and sing Hymns of Thanksgiving with Antiphonal Chants on the beach facing the sea, as we have seen, according to the testimony of the Jewish Philo of Alexandria.

Science confirms, as we have seen in the previous paragraphs, the Hidden Wisdom which has been transmitted since archaic times through the "Music of the Spheres of Pythagoras", the Kabbalah of the Zohar, the Hermetic Alchemy, the Gnostic Science and other Sacred Texts.

The Zohar (Splendour) is the quintessential Book of Kabbalah.

"Kabbalah" or "Qabalah" literally means "Tradition".

Esoterically, "Kabbalah" is "The Magic of Numbers and Mathematics [that] is found in the Pinnacle of Moses' Logos". So was I told many years ago in the higher dimensions.


"All is Number", said Pythagoras.

" Moses' Logos" is the "Ancient of Days", whose Angel is Henoch or Metraton, the Angel of the Face of the Lord, "The Heavenly Choirmaster".

In the old Hebrew texts known as "Hekhalot" ("Palaces") and "Shicur Qomah" ("Measurements of the Divine Body" of Adam Kadmon) Henoch-Metraton is portrayed as the Leader of the Heavenly Liturgy and as "The Heavenly Choirmaster".

"Metatron is connected with the Divine Service in heaven. He has a Tabernacle of his own. [...] He is further represented as the Sheliach Sibbur [Leader "angelos tés ekklesias", "Messenger of the Congregation"], the Celestial Choirmaster and the supervisor of the performance of the celestial 'Songs'..."

YahoEl is one of the Seventy Names and the main one of the Names that God gave to Henoch-Metraton. In the Apocalypse of Abraham YahoEl is described as assuming the role of the Heavenly Choirmaster singing "the song of the seventh hour of the night of man..." (Chapter X), and as the "Singer of the Eternal One" (Chapter XII): "And we came to the Mount of God, the glorious Horeb. And I [Abraham] said to the angel [YahoEl]: 'Singer of the Eternal One!'..." This passage is very similar to Moses' encounter with the Angel of the Face of the Lord in the burning bush of Horeb.

The esoteric teachings contained in the Tree of Life of the Hebrew Kabbalah date back to very archaic times. In the "Pistis Sophia" it is written that the author of "The Books of Jeu" was Henoch, and that the Wisdom "of the tree of Gnosis and the tree of Life" was received by Henoch in "the paradise of Adam" while conversing with our Lord Jesus The Christ:

"Of the Books of Jeu. 'But as for the rest of the lesser mysteries, you have no need thereof, but you shall find them in the two books of Jeu, which Enoch wrote when I spoke with him from the tree of Knowledge, and from the tree of life, which were in the paradise of Adam'..." (From "The Pistis Sophia").

The Apostle Judas bears witness to the antiquity of the Book of Enoch, "seventh from Adam":

"... Enoch in the seventh generation from Adam (prophesied), saying, Behold, the Lord came with his holy myriads, to execute judgement upon all, and to convince all that are ungodly among them of all their ungodly deeds which they have ungodly committed, and of all their hard speeches which ungodly sinners have spoken against him." ("Universal Epistle of St. Jude the Apostle", 1: 14-16).

The Kabbalist Eliphas Levi calls Henoch "Father of the Kabbalah":

"In the Apocalypse of St John there is reference to TWO WITNESSES OR MARTYRS on whom Prophetic Tradition confers the Names of ELIJAH AND HENOCH: ELIJAH, Man of Faith, Zeal and Miracle; Enoch, one with him who is called HERMES [ANUBIS] by the Egyptians, honoured by the Phoenicians as CADMUS, author of the sacred alphabet and the universal key to the initiations of the Logos, Father of the Kabbalah,..."

Our V.M. Samael Aun Weor says that Henoch or Metatron is "the author of Tarot", the "Chief of the Serpent's Wisdom", "the God of Wisdom", known as Mercury, Hermes, Thoth and Adam Kadmon:

"6. The chief of the Serpent's Wisdom is the Angel METRATON.
7. METRATON was the Prophet ENOCH, of whom THE BIBLE speaks.
8. ENOCH left us the 22 letters
of the Hebrew Alphabet.
9. ENOCH left us the TAROT in which all the Divine Wisdom is enclosed."
"Mercury, the Astrological HERMES, is the God of Wisdom known in Egypt, Syria and Phoenicia as THOTH, TAT, AD, ADAM-KADMON and ENOCH."

Master H.P. Blavatsky says that Henoch "is the same as Moses or Hermes":

"... Enoch (...) 'is the same as Moses or Hermes'..." (H.P.B. "The Secret Doctrine", "Volume V", "Section IX").

Prophet Moses' Teacher was Melchizedek. This assertion is supported by the testimony, among others, of the Author of the Books: "The Dayspring of Youth"; "The Lord God of Truth Within"; and in his translation and commentary to "The Comte Gabalis", edition originally published by the "The Brothers" Publishing.

In "The Dayspring of Youth" Its Author who signs himself with the Monogram "M." or the Initial Letter of His Holy Name "Morya" refers to the "story of Moses meeting his Master Melchizedec."

In "The Lord God of Truth Within", V.M. Morya says:

"The story of Moses and his Master, Melchizedek, is related in the Koran. It should be read by every searcher for Truth and every occult student, for it teaches that the Kingdom of Heaven can only be taken by energy." ("Chapter Twenty Two", "Conscious Nature").

In his translation and commentary to the book "COMTE DE GABALIS", "Published by The Brothers", "Copyright 1914, By The Brothers", in the section: "Those Reserved for Greater Things", V.M. Morya says:

"Melchizedek was himself the Master to whom Moses said, "Shall I follow thee that thou teach me, for guidance, of that which thou too hast been taught?" "Koran, Sura XVIII."

Clarification: "The Comte de Gabalis" is a Work in which there are texts that cannot be interpreted literally, being many of them written in a coded language.

"... the Comte de Gabalis" (V.M. Blavatsky writes) is written in "open satire... the sectirest mask." "... In poetry and satire every occult truth has been welcomed–none has been recognized as serious. The comte de Gabalis is better known and appreciated than Porphyry and Iamblichus..."

It is sufficiently confirmed by our Beloved Guru V.M. Morya that Melchizedek is Moses' Master or Guru, being Melchizedek the same Al-Kadhir as he has been identified in the esoteric traditions of Gnostic Sufis Initiates.

Melchizedek or Al-Kadhir is also "Morya" our Beloved Guru.

The Works published by "The Brothers" in the years 1914, 1933 and 1941, written by "M." (Monogram of V.M. Morya's Sacred Name) state to have been "posthumous works"... However, the First Edition translated into Spanish "Dioses Atómicos (The Dayspring of Youth)" in 1950 says, "Direct translation from English by M.", having been translated, as shown, by "M." (Morya) himself several decades after having made him appear to be "dead" …

The Author of the Book "The Dayspring of Youth" was identified with the name: "Mr. Thurston", "an American painter living in London", identified in the Book "The White Brother" with the letter "M."

"Michael Juste", the author of "The White Brother", describes himself as a Disciple of "Thurston" or "M." (Morya).

In any case and by a remarkable coincidence "Michael Juste" means "Mikael Righteous" which in one of its esoteric meanings is similar to "Melki-Tzedek", "Righteous King", "King of Righteousness".

It can cause amazement in some people that a Master of such a high Hierarchy may appear publicly under appearances, with names, professions, etc., like a Citizen of any country. But the Liberated Masters or "Mutants" have those capabilities and can pass anonymous, humble and unknown everywhere, as shown, for example, in the "description" written by Armando Cosani in "The Flight of the Feathered Serpent" about V.M. Judas of Karioth, a Resurrected and Liberated Master. As well as in the Chapter "Masters" in the Work "The Dayspring of Youth" by V.M. Morya:

"The personal appearance of these Masters vary greatly. We have been told how they are supposed to look, and idealised pictures are sold by some societies for students to meditate upon. But idealists often make serious mistakes; and if the truth were told people would be greatly surprised."

In "The Dayspring of Youth" Its Author "M." says:

"In a book previously mentioned by us, The Comte de Gabalis, we have written..."

In this Book "The Comte de Gabalis" translated into English by "M." and commented by Himself, "The Abbé de Villars" says regarding the "death" of the author of this Book:

"Perhaps he only pretended to die, as is the way of Philosophers who feign death in one place only to transplant themselves to another." (M.)

So, the supposed "Thurston"'s or "M."'s "disincarnation" in the mid-decade of the years 1920-1930 was a feigned death to "transplant himself", at least from 1950, in the Southern Cone of South America or "The Liberated Master who is in the South": "Argentina, Uruguay or Paraguay".

"M." is the Monogram of our Beloved Guru V.M. Morya's Name "Master of the Ray of Force".

In his Book "The Lord God of Truth Within", V.M. Morya says:

"... I was living with a tribe of red Indians in America..."

Although the tribe's name is not indicated, it is very likely that V.M. Morya refers to the Democratic "Iroquois Confederacy" or "The Five Nations", initially five Native American Indian Tribes of North America, in Canada and the United States, called: "Cayuga", "Mohawk", "Oneida", "Onondaga" and "Seneca", and which were joined by other Indian Tribes later.

It is possible that V. M. Morya, when referring to Red Indians whom he was living with, was referring to Native Americans of the eastern coast:

"There are several places in Egypt where records relating to Atlantean history are hidden: also those dealing with America after Atlantis, and the coming of a great Initiate to the Red Indians on the Eastern coast; who taught them agriculture and gave them an alphabet, leaving two books that are still in the possession of an initiated Indian."

"The Indians at that period possessed a code of morals and social laws undreamed of by those who came after, and in the future, when the Red Indian has established himself within his own territory, they will be brought to light..."

The Iroquois have a Code of Laws called "The Great Law of Peace", given to their ancestors in very ancient times by a Prophet called "The Great Peacemaker", whose Indian Name is "Deganawida or Dekanawida" meaning "two river currents flowing together".


"Deganawida" was born of a Virgin Mother among the Indigenous people called "Huron", name borne by Lake Huron in Canada. When he reached adulthood, he canoed south where he met Hiawatha. Being Deganawida "poor of speech" as, according to tradition, he was not of eloquent speech, Hiawatha who was an eloquent speaker was his spokesman to the Iroquois peoples whom they finally managed to integrate into a peaceful Confederation that later served as a model for the United States Government.

White Pines

"... Dekanahwidah 'planted the Tree of Peace': a great white pine with 'white [healthy] roots' extending to the four quarters of the earth in order to guide men everywhere who desired to trace peace to its source."

In "The Dayspring of Youth" V.M. Morya writes about a Confederation of North American Indian Nations: "The American Federation of States...", "the great American Federation of States...", "our great Confederacy..." And he writes in the conclusion:

"I hope that later I shall be permitted to write a work on the development of the American Confederacy from its hidden side..."

Kabbalah and Music are two forms of expression of "The Magic of Numbers and Math" and are therefore Exact Sciences whose frequency is expressed in the harmony of the Laws of Nature and the Cosmos.

Sounds propagate as waves affecting everything they reach.

Handel's own favorite diapason or tuning fork was set at "A 422.5 Hz (Hertz)".

After Beethoven the musical pitch trend began to rise starting from A-440 Hz.

When composing their Music, Mozart and Beethoven probably never thought to create it in order for it to be interpreted at that pitch (A-440 Hz) but at a semitone lower than, equal or closer to that used by Handel.

Verdi fought in order to establish the pitch at A-432 Hz (Hertz) a semitone higher than Handel's diapason.

The musical tuning at "A = 432 Hz" ("432 oscillations [or cycles] per second") called the "ancient tuning" is Music and Kabbalah.

"Light, more Light!" were Goethe's last words. One of Goethe's admirers, Dr. Rudolph Steiner, said:

"Music based on C = 128hz (C note in concert A = 432hz) will support humanity on its way towards spiritual freedom. The inner ear of the human being is built on C = 128 hz" – "Rudolph Steiner." (Doctor of Medicine, Philosophy and Letters).

Physicians use a tool to diagnose and assess hearing ability and to explore the sensitivity to vibration called "medical Diapason" whose frequency is "128 Hz | C-128".

Human's middle ear beats or vibrates at C = 128 Hz. The Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi concluded that the correct frequency of the musical tone "A" ("La") should be of 432 Hz (432 oscillations or cycles per second) and called it: "unique scientific tuning".

The word "Hertz" (Hz) is the "unit of frequency" of cycles per second produced by a sound vibration.

The number of Musicians and Singers who agree to "go back to the 'ancient tuning'...", that of "A=432 Hz" pitch ("432 oscillations per second") corresponding to "C5=256 Hz", which was "Verdi's" favorite "tuning", is increasing: "the noble and round sound of natural tuning is much more beautiful than the forced sound of the excessively high pitch" (Giuseppe Verdi), which attempts on the sopranos', contraltos', tenors', baritones', etc. voices.

"The singers striving to keep up with the upward trend in pitch will end up sacrificing their voices…"

"High pitch severely damages both the instruments, such as the precious Stradivarius, and the human voice. As Sergio Renzi, director of the renowned International Lute Builders Institute in Cremona, has documented for the Schiller Institute: 'Every increase of 5 Hertz in tuning is the equivalent of an increase in weight of more than 5 kilograms on the violin's structure... This means that since Stradivarius' time, when the basic A tuning was no higher than 430, all Cremona's old instruments have had to endure an added tension from 10 to 14 kg.'. So the 'brilliant sound' is nothing but 'powerful', besides the 'timbre is destroyed'...".

"Going deeper, experts agree that high pitch distorts the original musical conceptions that Mozart, Bach, Beethoven and Verdi had. Nowhere is that more evident than in the "Lied" (German song usually written for piano and voice)."

I think that Handel's Music, and more particularly His Oratorio Messiah, should be interpreted at the same pitch Handel himself interpreted it: at A-422.5 Hz.

In any case Music must be interpreted correctly and humbly, as otherwise, instead of being beneficial, it would be harmful.

An ancient Hindu story tells that a great Musician, when coming to believe that his music was perfect, was admonished and instructed by Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva and Saraswati, (according to a legend), or by Krishna Himself (according to another legend), who made him see the damage received by some maidens who interpreted his music. The great Musician, feeling ashamed, asked for forgiveness and promised to correct his mistakes not only by improving the performing of the Zither or Vina, but also by correcting the pretense of perfection.

This legend is meant to teach us the enormous responsibility existing not only in the performance of a musical instrument (that is to say, in order to perform it as correctly as possible, without claiming to be "the best" performer, and at the appropriate pitch), but also in the humbleness when interpreting it or when singing, as it affects (constructively or destructively) not only the performer himself, but also whoever is listening to him.

The musician who does not struggle for inner purification (which is achieved by the practice of The Three Factors of the Revolution of the Consciousness, mainly by self-denial) cannot aim to achieve true humility and would not receive Krishna's, Brahma-Saraswati's, Vishnu's and Shiva's Blessing or the inspiration by the Muses.

Studies carried out in Canada on Birds' Songs have proven to be attuned to the sound vibration of 432 Hz.

In Kabbalah "432" is also equal to "9" (4+3+2=9), "The Ninth Sphere", the Sephirah Yesod which means "Foundation" and "Beginning" (Arché in Greek).

Inner purification and true chastity are necessary in order to be in tune and in Musical harmony with the Light.

Beethoven, aware of these spiritual foundations and mathematics of Music, fought like a Jacob to achieve the purification of his soul and to be faithful to the Vow of Chastity, the Pact of the New Covenant. Beethoven knew that those who waste or ejaculate their sexual creative energy have nothing left to get true Musical creativity.

The secret of Beethoven's Creative Genius is Chastity on the constant basis of inner purification and Love for the whole of the Poor Suffering Humanity (The Three Factors of the Revolution of the Consciousness) with the Help of God.

Samson's secret lay in his total chastity, symbolically represented by the sign of Nazariteship or Nazarene, which in those days (not now) was indicated by their long hair.

Isaac Luria explains that "432" is the Kabbalistic value of the Hebrew word "Tebel" (Tebel: tav-beit-lamed = 400 + 2 + 30 = 432) which literally means "World", not in the literal sense, but in the esoteric kabbalistic sense; i.e. the Sephirah "Malkhut", the Upper and Lower "Earth".

He further explains that "432" is also "the numerical value of the Four Names derived from the Four Letters of the Name Ehyeh...": "I Am", the Sacred Name that God revealed to Moses when he asked him His Name.

The "Four Names" derived from the Name "Ehyeh" have, according to Isaac Luria's teachings, the following numerical values, in accordance with the explanations of some of the invocations contained in the Hebrew Prayer "Amidah", whose texts we transcribed in English with their respective explanations and Kabbalistic values:

"1. Shield of Abraham - alef - Havayah - yud-hei-vav-hei - 26

2. Who resurrects the dead - hei - Havayah - yud-hei-vav-hei -

3. The holy G-d - vav - Havayah (atbash) - mem-tzadik-pei-tzadik - 300

4. Who sanctifies the Shabbath - hei - Kah Adni - yud-hei alef-dalet-nunyud - 80"

The "Shabbath" is Sanctified when a man and a woman united by the Sacrament of Marriage practise the Arcanum of the Pact of the New Covenant (the Second Factor of the Revolution of the Consciousness) from Friday midnight, i.e. in the early hours of Saturday before dawn.

The sum of the Numbers 26 + 26 + 300 + 80 gives the Number 432, which is the Kabbalistic value of the Hebrew word "Tebel": the "World" or the Superior and Inferior "Earth" (Malkhut) or, in other words, the two Aspects of the Spiritual Beloved Leah and Rachel.

"(Buddhi, Dante's Beatrice, the Beautiful Helen of Troy, the Spiritual Soul, must help the Adept.)
(Blessed is the Adept who is helped by his Valkyrie.)
(Blessed is the Adept who is helped by Guinevere, the Queen of Jinas, She who served wine to Lancelot [the Human Soul or Tiphereth] into the cups of Sukra and Manti.)

(Wine of transcendent Sexuality shining in the Chalice of all delights.)" (Teachings by V.M. Samael Aun Weor).

An Initiate who is connected or attuned to the frequency vibration of his own inner individual particular Spiritual Beloved vibrates in tune and harmony with the "Sweet Voice" or "The Melodious Voice", which in the Kabbalah of the Zohar corresponds to "The Music of the Spheres". This "Sweet Voice" or "Sound" leads us from Mathelda/Leah to Beatrice/Rachel.

On the "Sweet Sound", "Sweet Voice" or "Sweet Harmony" in the Singing of Mathelda/Leah in the Divine Comedy, Dante writes about the young radiant and shining gaze of the Maiden Mathelda-Leah in all the splendour of her virginal youth, which Dante compares to Venus' gaze, the Goddess of Love who, pierced by Cupid-Eros' Love darts, modestly directs them towards Dante who wants to reach Mathelda on the opposite bank of the river, so to be less far from Her:

"As a lady, who is dancing, turns, with feet close to each other, and to the ground, and barely placing foot in front of foot, she turned towards me, among the red and yellow flowers, as a virgin who looks downwards, modestly, and satisfied my prayer, drawing so near, that the sweet sound, and its meaning, reached me. As soon as she was there, where the grass is already bathed by the waves of the lovely stream, she granted me the gift of raising her eyes. I do not think as bright a light shone beneath Venus's eyelids, when she was accidentally wounded by her son [by Cupid-Eros' darts] against his wish. She smiled from the right bank opposite, gathering more flowers in her hands, which the high ground bears without seeds. The river kept us three steps apart; but the Hellespont, that Xerxes crossed, a check to human pride to this day, was not hated more by Leander, because of its turbulent wash, between Sestos and Abydos, than this stream was by me, because it did not open then, for me." (Purgatory, Chapter XXVIII)

In the beginning of his "Theogony", Hesiod describes the gift of the "Sweet Voice" that the Muses with Their Sacred Chants bestow on him who is honoured by the Chaste, Virginal and Celestial Muses, the Nine Daughters of Zeus/Jupiter, Father of all the Gods and Humanity. That is to say, the "First Jupiter", for it is spoken of many other "Jupiters":

"... the first Jupiter of the Greek Theogony, Father of all the Gods, Lord of the Universe and brother of URANUS or UR-ANAS, i.e. the Early Fire and Water; for it is known, according to the classics, that there are about three hundred Jupiters in the Greek Pantheon." (V.M. Samael Aun Weor).

We must seek and worship the Father of all the Gods and Humanity, the First Zeus/Jupiter, NOT OUTSIDE US but within our own heart within each Being.

We must Worship the Heavenly Father, the Christ our Lord, the Holy Spirit, the Divine Mother Kundalini in our heart.

The Angel who spoke to the seer of Patmos did not allow himself to be worshipped, as it is written:

"I, John, am the one who heard and saw these things. And when I had heard and seen, I fell down to worship before the feet of the angel who showed me these things. And he said unto me, See thou do it not: for I am thy fellow servant, and of thy brethren the prophets, and of them which keep the sayings of this book. Worship God." (Revelation 22: 8-10).

"... it is written: Worship the Lord your God and serve him only." (Matthew 4: 10-11).

"heaven,..." itself " is God's throne..." and "the earth,... is his footstool..." (Matthew 5:34-35).

"The One God" is not a statue, a painting, an Angel, a Prophet, a Master, a person, a star, the visible sky, anything that can be seen or heard in the visible sky, or the elements of nature that are only his servers and worshipers.

Clarification: One thing is to respect honour and worship the DEVAS, the SUPERIOR Hierarchies of the Great White Lodge or Armies of Heaven (for it is written that WE MUST NOT DISHONOUR THE GODS!), and quite another thing is to WORSHIP THE INNER AND CELESTIAL ONLY TRUE GOD.

The Adoration of Our Only True God is not opposed to the respect honour and veneration of his servants, the Gods, the Devas of Nature and the Cosmos. That is, "veneration" in only one meaning among the several meanings of this word: "To Respect highly someone for their sanctity, dignity or great virtues, or something for what it represents or reminds of."

The Apostle Judas refers to the lack of respect, of veneration, for the "dignities" and to the denial of their authority in the following words:

"Yet, in a similar way, these dreamers also defile the flesh, reject authority and blaspheme dignities. But when the archangel Michael, contending with the devil, was disputing with him about the body of Moses, he did not dare to pronounce against him a railing judgment, but said, May the Lord rebuke you. But these blaspheme whatever things they do not know; and what they know by nature, like irrational animals, in those things they corrupt themselves. Woe to them! for they walked in the way of Cain, and they rushed for profit into Balaam's error, and perished in the contradiction of Korah." (Universal Epistle of Saint Judas the Apostle, 1: 8-12).

But none of the Gods must be Worshipped. Only THE MOST HIGH GOD, THE UNKNOWN GOD, THE MOST HIGH, whose Temple is in the depth of our heart and in the Highest Heaven.

Our Lord Jesus The Christ says:

"The first of all the commandments is, Hear, Israel [SHEMAH YISRAEL], the Lord our God [IAO ELOHENU], the Lord Is One [IAO EJAD]. You shall Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength; this is the first commandment. And the second is like it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself. There is no other commandment greater than these." (Mark 12: 29-32).

"GOD IS LOVE!", in Hebrew "AHBH, Ahebah, LOVE" whose Kabbalistic value is "13", the same Kabbalistic value of "EJAD" that means "ONE" "UNITY".

But "EJAD" ("ONE") is the UNITY OF "HIM-HER", as without "HE-SHE" together or United in One Unity there is not, there has not been and there will never be True Love:

"LOVE is born from the very bosom of the Great Hidden Lord, the Most High, who created time to be able to remain THE ETERNAL and love is His Way and gives life in Time.
Search in your heart, which is your love? So that you are not castrated and to make your creation virile.
If your love is one and this love includes all your loves, your testicles will eat the food of the Sun.
Only in the bosom of the Great Hidden Lord is there ONE; everything after goes in Threes." ("The Flight of the Feathered Serpent" by our V.M. Judas of Karioth).

The words "your testicles will eat the food of the Sun" mean the practice of the Arcanum or Sexual White Magic between one man and one woman who love each other and are really faithful throughout lifetime. By this Way we form and ATTAIN the Unity above, in the Highest Heavens, of "HIM-HER" who Dwells in the Heaven of the "Great Hidden Lord", "The Most High".

To exclude or separate woman from man is an offence, a blasphemy, an abomination against LOVE THAT IS GOD.
For "it is not good that man should be alone". For "it is necessary" that every man has ONE "helper suitable for him" WHO IS EVE OR THE WOMAN.

So, it is bad for a man to be alone, i.e. without a FEMALE or WOMAN... without a Sister-Wife as Woman...

Only A WOMAN can unite man with GOD'S LOVE. And this One Woman is the Initiate's or "perfect"'s Priestess-Wife so as the Initiates were called in Primitive Christianity, when we are told of the "Hidden Wisdom" (Gnosis) which is spoken in Mystery among "the perfects".

The Lord our True God is our inner individual particular spiritual Father-Mother within the depth of our heart and in THE HIGHEST Heaven, "THE MOST HIGH", "EL ELYON", The Only God adored by Brother Francis of Assisi:

"No one showed me what I should do; only the Most High (El Helyon) revealed to me that I should Live according to the Rule of the Holy Gospel", Brother Francis of Assisi said...

"You shall Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind; and your neighbor as yourself." So we are told by our Lord Jesus The Christ the Son of God.

"The kingdom of God is not coming in ways that can be observed; Nor will they say, Here it is! or There it is! For behold, the kingdom of God is in your midst [within you]." (Luke 17:20-22).

"No one has ever seen God; the only begotten Son, who is in the bosom of the Father, he has declared him..." (John, 1:18).

"The following legend, titled Some events which took place in Persia at the time of the birth of Christ, is ascribed to Julius Africanus, a chronicler of the third century, although the actual date of it is unknown (5): 'The scene takes place in Persia in a temple of Juno (…) built by Cyrus. A priest announces that Juno has conceived. - All the statues of the gods dance and sing at this news. - A star descends and announces the birth of a Child, the Beginning and the End - All the statues fall down with their faces to the ground.
-The Magi announce that this Child is born at Bethlehem and advise the king to send ambassadors. - Then Bacchus appears (…) who predicts that this Child will drive out all the false gods. -Departure of the Magi, guided by the star. When in Jerusalem, they announce the birth of the Messiah to the priests. -At Bethlehem, they greet Mary, have a portrait of her with the Child painted by a skilful slave and place it in their chief temple with this inscription: To Jupiter Mithra (..., to the sun god), to the great God, to king Jesus, the Persian Empire makes this dedication'..." (Fulcanelli, "The Mystery of the Cathedrals").

"J́UPITER MITHRA" is not an anthropomorphic god, a statue or idol, far from it... He is not even any of the multiple "zeus" and "jupiters" of the Greek-Roman pantheon, as it mentions "more than three hundred jupiter"...

"J́UPITER MITHRA", "The Sun God" is not any sun or physical star or any of "the Gods", but THE SPIRITUAL INVISIBLE SUN, THE SOLAR LOGOS, THE MOST HIGH, THE UNKNOWN GOD or "eis agnosto theo", (The "Agnostos Theos" of the Gnostics), to Whom the Apostle Paul of Tarsus refers:

"So Paul standing in the midst of the Areopagus said, Men of Athens, I perceive that in all things you are too superstitious; For, passing through and beholding your shrines, I found also an altar on which was inscribed, TO THE UNKNOWN GOD. Whom therefore you reverence, not knowing him, him I announce to you. The God who made the world and everything in it is the Lord of heaven and earth and does not live in temples built by human hands, Nor is he served by human hands, as if he needed anything; rather, he himself gives everyone life and breath and all things; And from one blood he made all the lineage of men, that they should inhabit the whole earth; and he determined appointed times and the boundaries of their dwelling; So that they should seek God, if haply they might feel after him and find him; though, indeed, he is not far from each one of us; For in him we live and move and exist; as even some of your own poets have said, For we too are his offspring. Therefore since we are God's offspring, we should not think that the Deity is like gold or silver or stone, a sculpture made by human imagination and skill. God therefore, having overlooked the times of ignorance, now enjoins men that they shall all everywhere repent: For he has set a day when he will judge the world with justice by the man he has appointed; He has given proof of this to everyone by raising him from the dead. And when they heard about the resurrection of the dead, some mocked, but others said, We will hear you again about this. So Paul went out of their midst. But some of them believed and joined him; among whom also were Dionysius the Areopagite and a woman named Damaris and others with them." ("Acts of the Apostles", 17:22-34).

"The Unknown God" as "ONE" can be understood only as "HE-SHE" ("EJAD").

Since "The Unknown Gods" ("Agnostos Theos") to whom the Apostle Paul of Tarsus refers are "HE-SHE" integrated into ONE UNITY, THE ONLY ONE, THE UNKNOWN GOD "eis agnosto theo."

If we understand this Mystery, the debate by the intellectual racionalists will disappear.

"EJaD" (ONE) is an Hebrew Word composed by the letters "aleph jet dalet". The first two Letters Aleph Jet form the Word "EJ" meaning "BROTHER", and the Letter "Daleth" (D) is referring to the SISTER, the SHEKINAH.

"EJaD" or "ONE", "UNITY" are THE BROTHER and SISTER of King Salomon's Song of Songs, HE-SHE, our Human Soul and our Divine Soul in an Aspect, and our FATHER- MOTHER, the Lord our Inner God in the Highest Aspect. But when an Initiate becomes Perfect as our Father-Mother in Heaven is Perfect, then THE FATHER-MOTHER (YOD-HEI) AND THE BROTHER AND SISTER (VAH-HEI) integrate completely Realized into ONE UNIT: "EJaD".

This is THE UNKNOWN GOD (and THE UNKNOWN "GODS") to whom the Apostle Paul of Tarsus refers.

"God is Spirit, so those who worship him must worship in spirit and in truth." (John 4:24).

In Prayer and Music we must adore the Lord our True INNER God who dwells in our heart and IN THE HIGHEST HEAVEN, Adam Kadmon's Heaven to Whom all His great or small servants Sing, and among the servants are all the thunders saying:

"Hallelujah! For our Lord God Almighty reigns. Let us Rejoice and be glad and give him glory; for the wedding of the Lamb has come, and His Bride has made herself ready." (Apocalypse 19:6-8).

The Zohar tells us about Seven Heavens or Firmaments:

"... which are called respectively Vilon, Rakia, Shehakim, Zebul, Ma'on, Machon, Araboth."

"Araboth" is the Seventh and the highest of the Seven Firmaments.

Yet above "Araboth" there are Higher Heavens:

"267. 'The chariots of Pharaoh and his host has He thrown into the sea.' Rabbi Yitzchak opened the discussion, saying: 'When His voice resounds with the great mass of water in the heavens, and He raises vapors from the ends of the earth; when He makes lightning flashes among the rain, and brings forth the wind out of His storehouses' (Jeremiah 10:13). We have learned that the Holy One, blessed be He, made seven firmaments CORRESPONDING TO CHESED, GVURAH, TIFERET, NETZACH, HOD, YESOD, AND MALCHUT, and stars are stationed in every firmament, MEANING FROM THE ASPECT OF 'AND RETURNED' (Ezekiel 1:14). Stars fly in every single firmament, MEANING LEVELS FROM THE ASPECT OF 'RAN' (IBID.). And above all of them is Aravot, WHICH IS THE FIRST THREE SFIROT OF THE FIRMAMENTS."

"268. And every firmament is two hundred years' walk in length and five hundred years high. Between each firmament is a distance of 500 years. And Aravot is 1,500 years' walk in length and 1,500 years wide, and all these firmaments are illuminated from its radiance."

"269. We have learned that above Aravot is the firmament of the living creatures, WHERE THERE ARE FOUR LIVING CREATURES: LION, OX, EAGLE AND MAN. The hoofs of the living creatures and their height resemble all of those THAT ARE UNDER THEM, BECAUSE THE UPPER ONE CONTAINS WITHIN IT ALL THAT IS BELOW IT.
Above them are the ankles of living creatures, and they resemble all of those THAT ARE BELOW THEM. The shanks of the living creatures resemble all of those THAT ARE BELOW. The thighs of the living creatures resemble all of those THAT ARE BELOW. The buttocks of the living creatures resemble all of those THAT ARE BELOW, and the torsos of the living creatures resemble all of those THAT ARE BELOW. The wings resemble all of those THAT ARE BELOW. Their necks resemble all of those THAT ARE BELOW. The heads of the living creatures resemble all of those THAT ARE BELOW. HE ENUMERATES HERE TEN ASPECTS CORRESPONDING TO TEN SFIROT. HE ASKS: What is the meaning of 'resemble all of those'? AND HE ANSWERS: THEY ARE CONSIDERED comparable to all those THAT ARE BELOW THEM."

"270. Every single limb in the living creatures corresponds to the seven depths. It corresponds to seven sanctuaries, WHICH ARE THE SECRET OF THE SEVEN MALCHUYOT, and corresponds to from the earth to the firmament, WHICH IS YESOD. It corresponds to from the firmament to the firmament, WHICH ARE CHESED, GVURAH, NETZACH, AND HOD, AS MENTIONED. Their measure and height is 25,000 parts of the measure of the Holy One, blessed be He, as we have established."

"271. There is one more firmament above the horns of the living creatures, as is written: 'And over the heads of beasts there was the likeness of a firmament' (Ezekiel 1:22). Below THAT FIRMAMENT are many Chariots on the right and left."

"272. Below the sea, WHICH IS MALCHUT, dwell all the fish of the sea. They swim and gather in their four corners - WHICH ARE CHESED, GVURAH, TIFERET AND MALCHUT - and descend in their level, MEANING THEY ILLUMINATE FROM ABOVE DOWNWARDS, and all the Chariots are called by their name. Below these go the small ones, levels upon levels, as is written: 'So is this great and wide sea, wherein are creeping things innumerable, both small and great beasts' (Psalms 104:25). We have already established these things."

"273. In the lower left side there is the dominion of the Other Side. FOR, 'ELOHIM HAS MADE THE ONE AS WELL AS THE OTHER' (Ecclesiastes 7:14). AND TO EVERYTHING THAT IS IN BRIYAH, YETZIRAH, ASIYAH OF HOLINESS, THERE IS A CORRESPONDING ONE IN THE OTHER SIDE. And they grasp onto those above, FOR THEY NURTURE FROM HOLINESS. AND NOW, AT THE SPLITTING OF THE SEA OF SUF, they descend, broken by the strong power of Holiness, as we have established: 'The chariots of Pharaoh and his host'..." (The Zohar).

Apostle Paul refers to these "Pharaoh's chariots" and "might" where he says:

"Finally, my brothers, be strong in the Lord and in the power of his might. Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood; but against principalities, against powers, against the world rulers of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavens." (Ephesians 6: 10-13).

But "God's chariots are twenty thousand, even thousands of angels..."

"... It is written: 'Extol Him who rides upon [araboth] the clouds' (Psalms 68:5). HE QUESTIONS: Who is the one who rides the clouds and what are the clouds (Heb. aravot)? HE ANSWERS: 'Aravot' is the seventh firmament, WHICH IS THE FIRST SFIRAH OF ZEIR ANPIN THAT IS CALLED 'CHESED', AND INCLUDES ALL THE SFIROT OF ZEIR ANPIN THAT ARE BELOW IT. Why is it called 'Aravot'? Because it is mixed (Heb. me'orav) of fire and water together, NAMELY from the south, WHICH IS WATER, and from the north, WHICH IS FIRE. It is mixed of the two sides AND THE ONE WHO RIDES ON THE CLOUDS IS THE EIGHTH FIRMAMENT, BINAH."

"710. If you ask: If so, what about the two Aravot (Eng. 'willow branches) that are joined with the Lulav (Eng. 'palm leaf'), we have learned that this is what is written, 'Extol Him who rides upon the Aravot.' AND THEY ARE NETZACH AND HOD THAT ARE CALLED 'THIGHS'. HE QUESTIONS: Who gave thighs, WHICH ARE NETZACH AND HOD, in the body, WHICH IS CHESED, GVURAH AND TIFERET, and who gave a body, WHICH IS CHESED, GVURAH AND TIFERET, in the thighs THAT ARE NETZACH AND HOD? MEANING, HERE YOU SAY THAT ARAVOT ARE CHESED OF ZEIR ANPIN, WHICH IS CONSIDERED THE BODY OF ZEIR ANPIN AND THERE YOU SAY THAT THEY ARE NETZACH AND HOD, WHICH ARE THE THIGHS THAT ARE OUTSIDE OF ITS BODY. WHO COMPARES THEM, seeing that this one, NAMELY THE BODY, produces fruit and this one, NAMELY NETZACH AND HOD which are thighs, does not produce fruit."

"711. HE ANSWERS: But certainly it all resembles the secret of Aravot (willow branches) of the Lulav (palm leaf), for one of these willow branches of the Lulav, WHICH ARE NETZACH AND HOD, is fire, WHICH IS HOD, and the other is water, WHICH IS NETZACH. They all pertain to the same secret, FOR THE ONE IS COMPLETELY WATER AND THE OTHER IS COMPLETELY FIRE AND THEY ARE NOT MIXED ONE WITH THE OTHER, FOR THEY ARE TWO SFIROT EACH WITH INDIVIDUAL DOMINION. It is the seventh FIRMAMENT, WHICH IS CHESED, which combines fire and water together in one secret, FOR IT IS ONE SFIRAH, AND SO WE FIND THAT IT COMBINES WITHIN ITSELF THE TWO ARAVOT OF THE LULAV IN ACTUALITY. Because the firmament Aravot includes within itself all the other six SFIROT, WHICH ARE GVURAH, TIFERET, NETZACH, HOD, YESOD AND MALCHUT, AS THE HIGHEST ONE INCLUDES ALL THOSE THAT ARE LOWER THAN IT, that is the secret of the supernal Chariot. The Holy One, blessed be He, WHO IS BINAH, desires this firmament
more than all the firmaments and His desire is always to perfect this firmament with the highest beauty. On this, it is said, 'Extol Him who rides upon Aravot,' MEANING He who rides on Aravot. Who is He? This firmament that stands over the living creatures, NAMELY BINAH THAT STANDS ABOVE CHESED, GVURAH AND TIFERET OF ZEIR ANPIN THAT ARE CALLED 'LIVING CREATURES', for it is He who rides on the clouds."

"712. 'And rejoice before Him' (Ibid.) It is not written, 'From before Him' but rather 'before Him,' BECAUSE 'FROM BEFORE HIM' IMPLIES BEFORE BINAH, WHICH IS CHOCHMAH and there is nobody who can know anything in Him. But 'before Him,' WHICH IS BINAH THAT RIDES UPON THE CLOUDS, one who enters before this firmament must enter with joy and without any sadness at all, because this firmament causes it so that neither sadness nor anger can dwell at all, because everything there is with joy. THEREFORE, IT SAYS, 'AND REJOICE BEFORE HIM.'..."

"713. Therefore, the High Priest who stands before Him enters the Holy Sanctuary only in joy and expresses joy, because the place causes it. Of this, it is written: 'Serve Hashem with gladness, come before His presence with singing' (Psalms 100:2), because one should not show sadness in it."

"714. And if you ask: One who is in pain and in dire straits, who cannot feel joy in his heart, and because of his dire straits he has to ask for Mercy from the supernal King. If so, then he shouldn't pray his prayer at all and should not enter with any sadness at all, because he cannot gladden his heart and enter before Him with joy. What remedy does this person have?"

"715. HE ANSWERS: Surely we have learned that all the gates are closed and locked, but the gates of tears are not closed. Tears come only from pain and sadness, and all those who are appointed over the gates break the obstacles on the roads and the locks. They bring in these tears and that prayer enters before the Holy King" (The Zohar).

"Psalm 68 To the Choirmaster: Psalm of David: Song. LET God ARISE, let his enemies be scattered, And let them that hate him flee before him. As smoke is driven away, so you shall drive them away: As wax melts before the fire, so the wicked shall perish before God. But the righteous shall be glad: they shall rejoice before God, And they shall dance with joy. Sing to God, sing psalms to his name: Exalt him that rides upon the heavens By His Name JAH [IAO], and rejoice before him. A Father to the fatherless and defender of widows, Is God in his holy dwelling: God who sets the lonely in family [those who make themselves eunuchs for the sake of the Kingdom of Heaven like King David who, being married, made himself eunuch as he did not fornicate and he did practise the Arcanum with His Priestess-Wife; the Apostles and Paul the Apostle had a Priestess-Wife]; who brings out those who are bound with chains: but the rebellious dwell in a dry land. O God, when You went forth before Your people, When you passed through the desert, (Selah,) the earth shook; the heavens also dropped at the presence of God: Even Sinai itself quaked at the presence of God, the God of Israel. You poured out abundant rain, O God, on Your inheritance; And when it was weary, You strengthened it. Those who belong to Your flock found a dwelling in it: In Your goodness, O God, you provided for the poor. The Lord gave the word: The women who proclaimed the good tidings were a great host. The kings of the armies fled, they run away; And the women who remained at home divided the spoils. Though you was cast among the pots, yet shall you be as the wings of a dove covered with silver, and her feathers with yellow gold. When the Almighty scattered the kings in it, it was white as snow on Salmon. The mountain of Bashan is the mountain of God; the Mountain of Bashan is a high Mountain. Why do you leap, o high mountains? This is the mountain which God has desired for His abode; Surely YHVH will dwell there forever. God's chariots are twenty thousand, even thousands of angels. The Lord is among them, as in Sinai, in the sanctuary. You have ascended on high, you have captured captivity, you have given gifts to men, And even to rebels, so that JAH [IAO] God might dwell among them. Blessed be the Lord; who daily loaded us with benefits The God of our salvation. (Selah.) Our God is a God who delivers us; And to God YHVH belong deliverances from death. Surely God will crush the heads of his enemies, The hairy head of him who walks in his sins. The Lord said, I will bring them from Bashan, I will bring you from the depths of the sea: That your foot may be dipped in the blood of your enemies, And the tongue of your dogs in the same. They have seen your goings, O God; The goings of my God, my King, in the sanctuary. The singers went before, the musicians followed after; Among them were the damsels with their timbrels. Bless God in the congregation: The Lord, O you who are of Israel's fountain. There was the young Benjamin as their ruler, The princes of Judah in their congregation, The princes of Zebulun, the princes of Naphtali. Your God has commanded your strength; Strengthen, O God, that which you have worked in us. Because of your temple at Jerusalem kings will bring you gifts. Rebuke the company of spearmen, The multitude of the bulls with the calves of the people, Till every one shall submit himself with their pieces of silver: Scatter the people that delight in war. Princes shall come out of Egypt; Ethiopia shall stretch out her hands unto God. Sing to God, you Kingdoms of the earth, Sing to the Lord (Selah); 32 To him who rides upon the highest heavens, which are from ancient times: Behold, he shall send forth his voice, a mighty voice. Ascribe power to God: whose majesty is Over Israel, And whose power is in the heavens. Terrible are you, O God, out of your sanctuaries: The God of Israel, he gives strength and might unto his people. Blessed be God." (Psalm 68 of King David).

It is therefore Urgent the Work with The Three Factors of the Revolution of the Consciousness:

1°: To Die: by Working mainly, basically, with the Death of the ego, of the I’s or the psychological defects, "from instant to instant, from moment to moment".

2°: To Be Born: by Transmuting the Sexual Creative Energies with the Practice of the Arcanum in the Marriage in order to attain the Awakening of the Sacred Fire of the Kundalini, to enter the Initiatory-Esoteric Way, to Create a Solar Astral Body as well as a Solar Mental Body and a Body of the Will or Solar Causal Body, attaining the Second Birth; and to Choose The Direct Way (so as to Incarnate the Inner Christ, who is the Son of Man, and the Son of the Son, the Human Soul, the Superior Manas, Moses-Tipheret or the Inner and Particular Israel and His Beloved One, the Divine Soul, the Valkyrie, the Buddhi or Guevurah and the Innermost, who is Chesed or "Atman the Ineffable", the Inner Master) that leads us to the Father, to Liberation.

3°: Conscious Sacrifice for the Suffering Humanity by Awakening the Consciousness so as to Speak to Humanity from Our Own Knowledge, which is the Gnosis, spreading the Gnostic Message everywhere with Immense Love, for Free, without expecting anything in exchange.

The musical tuning and intonation in "A-432" produces a symphony of sweet harmonious sounds that connects us to the Music of the Celestial Spheres. I.e. with their Intelligences who Sing with Their Word to the Glory of the Invisible Unmanifested Almighty God, and whose Divine and Spiritual Spark dwells in the depth of our heart. But it is necessary to clean, repair and tune our own instrument (the body and soul through The Three Factors of the Revolution of the Consciousness) to vibrate in tune with "the Music of" the highest "Heaven", the Heavenly Father's Heaven, the Ancient of Days' and his Sacred and Holy SHEKINAH's Heaven.

Astronave de Luz

- Studies completed, with the Help of God,
on Monday, August 4th, 2014 -
We love all Beings, all of Humanity.
Every Human Being is also Humanity.

"May all Beings be Happy!"
"May all Beings be Blessed!"
"May all Beings be at Peace!"

With all my Heart for the whole of Poor Suffering Humanity
Luis Bernardo Palacio Acosta
Bodhisattva of


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