"Moses is to return with Elias when the mystery of the transfiguration of Jesus Christ will realize itself." […] "… When Jesus Christ was transfigured upon Mount Tabor he appeared placed between Mitatron and Sandalphon, who were then Moses and Elias, because He summed up in himself the virtue of the Elohim." (Eliphas Levi).

A Messiah of the House of Judah, the Sceptre of Judah, is the First Messiah.

A Messiah of the House of Joseph or Ephraim, the Ruler's Staff, is the Second Messiah.

An "Eschatological" Prophet, Shiloh, is the Third Messiah.

In the Zohar Shiloh is Moses.

In the Samaritan Torah Shiloh is King Solomon.

"Messiah" means "Anointed One", "Christ". Every Christified Initiate is, therefore, a True Messiah, an Anointed One, a Christ.

- I -
The True Order of Melchizedek

In the End Times the Messianic Line is the Spiritual Lineage of The Three Messiahs and The Heavenly Messiah who are announced in the Essene Texts from Qumran.

Our Lord Jesus The Christ incarnated the Royalty of The Three Messiahs: as Priest King Messiah, Davidic King Messiah and Prophet King Messiah.

But in the End Times these three Messianic Royalty incarnate in each one of the Three Messiahs: A Messiah of the House of Judah, a Messiah of the House of Joseph and a Prophet Messiah.

The Heavenly Messiah is Melchizedek, a Liberated Master who has his own Immortal Body "having neither beginning of days nor end of life" and "made like the Son of God."

The name "Melchizedek" mentioned in the Bible is not a personal individual or exclusive name, but an attribute for a Christified and Immortal Master; as "Melchizedek" means "King of Justice".

In the Zohar the Holy Shekinah or "Nukva", when she rises up and is enclothed by the Vestments of Binah, is also called "Melchizedek":

"And Malki Tzedek (lit. 'king of justice') can also be explained as a reference to the last world, NAMELY THE NUKVA OF ZEIR ANPIN, AND "King of Shalem" to the upper world, WHICH IS BINAH... [...] MALKI TZEDEK, [...] IS THE SECRET OF THE NUKVA AS SHE ENCLOTHES BINAH." (The Zohar).

"King of Justice" refers to Rachel, called the Lower World, and "King of Shalem" refers to Leah, called the Upper World.

When Rachel, who is the Nukva or the Lower Shekinah, is enclothed by Leah's Vestments, who is the Upper Shekinah, then both as One Unity are called "Malki Tzedek": "King of Justice" and "King of Shalem".

Elsewhere the Zohar explains that "Melchizedek" means:

"... lit. completeness -, i.e. the king who rules with complete sovereignty."

The Christified Master called in the Bible Melchizedek is so called because He realised both His inner individual personal Rachel or "King of Justice" and Leah or "King of Shalem" within Himself.

And every Initiate who Realises them in COMPLETENESS, when achieving the Resurrection of the Inner Christ (Anointed One or Messiah), becomes a Melchizedek: a TRUE "King" and "Priest" "according to the Order of Melchizedek".

- II -
The Three Messiahs

In Patriarch Jacob's Prophecy in the Book of Genesis 49:10 which says:

"The Sceptre shall not depart from Judah, nor the Ruler's Staff from between his feet, until Shiloh comes, and to him shall the gathering of the people be",

there is the Prophecy about The Three Messiahs:

"...'The sceptre shall not depart from Judah nor the ruler's staff from between his feet'; 'the sceptre' referring to the Messiah of the house of Judah, and 'the staff' to the Messiah of the house of Joseph. 'Until Shiloh cometh': this is Moses, the numerical value of the two names Shiloh [Schyloh] and Moses [MoSheH] being the same." (Teachings by the Great Illuminated Rabbi Simeon ben Yochai in the Zohar I, "Bereshis").

In one of the Essene Texts from Qumran, the words of Genesis 49:10 are interpreted in the following "Commentary":

"1840 Col. v 1 Gen 49:10 A sovereign shall [not] be removed from the tribe of Judah. While Israel has the dominion, 2 there will [not] lack someone who sits on the throne of David. For «the staff» is the covenant of royalty, 3 [the thou]sands of Israel are «the feet». Until the messiah of justice comes, the branch 4 of David. For to him and to his descendants has been given the covenant of royalty over his people for all everlasting generations, which 5 he has observed [...] the Law with the men of the Community, for 6 [...] it is the assembly of the men of [...] 7 [...] He gives..." ["4QGenesis Pesher (4Q252)]." ("The Dead Sea Scrolls Translated", Florentino García Martínez).

"... Until Shiloh (or Moses) cometh" is interpreted in the previous Text as "until the Messiah of Justice comes, the Branch of David".

Although Shiloh or the Prophet Moses is not mentioned as "Messiah", if we understand that "Messiah" means "Anointed by the Holy Spirit", then in this sense, Shiloh or Moses is also a "Messiah" or "Anointed" by the Holy Spirit.

Rabbi Simeon ben Yochai (or Yohai) speaks, therefore, of Three Messiahs announced by the Patriarch Jacob in Genesis 49:10:

"The Sceptre" or "the Messiah of the House of Judah".

(The Ruler's) "Staff" or "Rod", the "Messiah of the House of Joseph" or "Ephraim" ("the Thousands").

And "Shiloh", who is the Prophet Moses, "the Messiah of Justice, the branch of David".

The word "Messiah" must be understood in its esoteric sense; i.e. in its meaning as "Anointed One" or Inner "Christ" incarnate.

Every Initiate who incarnates the Inner Christ is indeed a True Messiah.

This also means that a person who claims to be a Messiah without being a true Christified Initiate is a false Messiah.

The Three Messiahs are True Messiahs or Anointed Ones as they have incarnated the Inner Christ.

This Messianic Lineage is therefore the Messianic Lineage of the Spiritual part of Israel.

In an interview with our V.M. Rabolú on "October 26, 1985", in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia, I asked V.M. Rabolú:


"Venerable Master Rabolú, when Master Judas of Kerioth in the Work "The Flight of the Feathered Serpent" says:

"And the Mayab of the Andes be then the cradle of a new civilisation", what did he mean by that?"

V.M. Rabolú's Answer:

"Actually, here Latin America, that is, the Andes, is called to become the Cradle of Civilisation, that is, of the Spiritual part, it is called to accomplish a Great Mission, as was accomplished by this..., in Israel, over there, in Egypt..."

I said to V.M. Rabolú:

"Ah!, yes, Israel in Egypt, Moses and all of Them..."

Master's Reply:

"Them... Now it has been here in Latin America; that is why everyone of us who enters this Knowledge must make great efforts for one's own improvement and to impart the Teachings as correctly as possible."

(Note: Notice how our Venerable and Beloved Master Rabolú identifies the People of the "Gnostic Movement" with the Spiritual part of the "People of Israel" of Ancient Egypt... And with the Mission accomplished "over there in Egypt..." and that in these times "Moses" "is called to accomplish"... and "Them"...).

Many years later (about ten years), our Venerable and Beloved Master Rabolú writes to me, saying and repeating almost the same Words:

"... Yes sir, you are called to accomplish a great mission... Later on you will know the mission that is yours..." (Letter "312" of "March 2, 1995").

There are several esoteric keys to identify The Three Messiahs of Genesis 49:10 in these End Times.

The "Messiah of the House of Judah" is "The Lion of the Tribe of Judah".

Our V.M. Samael Aun Weor, who is "the Initiator Word of the New Age of Aquarius", clearly identified himself with "The Lion of the Tribe of Judah":

"And one of the elders said to me, Weep not. Behold, the Lion of the tribe of Judah (the initiator Word of the New Age of Aquarius), the root of David, has defeated the beast (within himself) to open the book and its seven seals (Rev. 5: 5)" (From "The Message of Aquarius", "Chapter XV: The Sealed Book").

Our V.M. Rabolú is the Prophet Elijah reincarnate.

So revealed our V.M. Rabolú to us in the Astral Dimension first, and then in Bogotá, Colombia in 1996, he confirmed to us physically, personally that he is indeed the Prophet Elijah. The Messiah of the House of Joseph is also called the Messiah Son of Ephraim.

In the Targum on the Song of Songs, the Messiah Son of Ephraim is identified with Aaron:

"Two deliverers shall there be to deliver you, Messiah bar David and Messiah bar Ephraim, who are like to Moses and Aaron, the sons of Jochebed, who were as fair as two gazelles that are twins. And they fed the people of the house of Israel, in their righteousness, forty years in the wilderness, with manna and with fat fowls and the waters of the well of Miriam." ("The Targum on Song of Songs 4.5").

Isaac Luria, explaining what is written in the section of the Zohar (Ray"ah Mehemna, Bereishis 25b; 253), tells Hayyim Vital that Aaron the Priest was (at the time of the Exodus) Moses' Interpreter (As Moses was of "uncircumcised lips"). And that "In the End of Days", Moses "will return" and will be of "uncircumcised lips" again. But the Prophet Elijah (Eliyahu), who will be reincarnated, "will be his Interpreter", as Aaron was Moses' interpreter:

"The Zohar says (Ray'ah Mehemna, Bereishis 25b; 253) that even though Moshe Rabbeinu was the teacher of all of Israel, his interpreter was Aharon HaKohen, as it says, 'He will be a mouth for you' (Shemos 4:16), since Moshe had a 'heavy mouth' and 'heavy tongue.' In the 'End of Days' in the generation of Moshiach, Moshe will return to teach Torah to Israel and will still be of 'uncircumcised lips.' However, Eliyahu, who will 'chai,' will be his interpreter, and this is the sod of the posuk, 'Pinchas the son of Elazar the son of Aharon HaKohen' (Bamidbar 25:11). This is as it is written, 'If [one is drawn] to scoffers, he will scoff' (Mishlei 4:37): when they will need a translator for Moshe, Eliyahu who will be 'chai' will translate and be Moshe's interpreter."

"The word for 'scoff' can also mean intrepret; Pinchas became Eliyahu." ("The Gate of Reincarnations", "Thirty-Sixht Introduction", by Isaac Luria.)

"However, this time his interpreter will be Eliyahu, who will live again. Actually, he is Pinchas ben Elazar ben Aharon HaKohen, the brother of Moshe Rabbeinu. This is what it means, 'If (one is drawn) to the scoffers, he will scoff, but (if one is drawn) to the humble he will find favor,' that is, to the interpreters."

"A play on the Hebrew 'scoffers' which can also mean 'interpreters.'

"For, when Moshe Rabbeinu will need an interpreter, Eliyahu will be alive and interpret for him. He did not want to explain this to me further, or how it was connected to the original 'argument'."

"One day he told me while he was still praying that I would see an angel face-to-face and speak with him. I pressed him to tell me his name and he said that it would be Eliyahu." ("The Gate of Reincarnations", "Thirty-Eight Introduction", by Isaac Luria.)

The previous Texts from the teachings that Isaac Luria (a Reincarnation of Prophet Moses' Soul) imparted to his disciple Hayyim Vital (a Reincarnation of Prophet Elijah's Soul) clearly explain that the Prophet Elijah and the Prophet Moses appear Reincarnate in the end times, in the end of days. They also explain that the Prophet Elijah will be to the Prophet Moses Reincarnate as Aaron was to his "Brother" and very old companion... at the time of the Exodus of the People of Israel.

The Hebrew Prophecies announced that, in the end times, the Prophet Elijah and the Prophet Moses would be reincarnated and that the Prophet Elijah would be like Aaron and as the Precursor of the Prophet Moses.

"In the future in the generation of Moshiach [in these Last Days], Moses' Soul will return in a Reincarnation to teach Torah to Israel. The Messiah [Moses or Shiloh] will also be peaceful and not very eloquent [i.e. most of the "People" will not listen to him] as (happened to) Moses; and Eliyahu [Elijah, Elias] the prophet will be a "translator" for him. Eliyahu (Elijah) will be the Reincarnation of Pinchas, the son of Eleazar, the son of Aaron the High priest,..."

The Second Messiah, the Messiah of the House of Joseph or Ephraim, is the "New Aaron" like the Prophet Elijah reincarnate in the End Times.

And Shiloh or Solomon is the Prophet Moses or Enoch reincarnate.

The French Kabbalist, Abbot Eliphas Levy, referring to "the coming of the Messianic era", wrote in "Major Arcana and Key of Solomon" in 1860:

"Enoch will appear in the year two thousand of the Christian era. Then, Messianism, of which he will have to be the precursor, will flourish on earth for one thousand years. These forecasts are the result of all the prophecies and of all the qabbalistic calculations…"

The Prophet Moses was Enoch reincarnate. (Please see our study: "Elul 5760").

In the Samaritan Torah, Shiloh is Solomon:

''While there is some difference of opinion about Gen. xlix. 55 [10], which tells at what time the scepter shall depart from Judah, there is light to be found in the form of the name Shiloh. The Jews make it two words, but in the Samaritan Torah it is but one word, and that is the name Solomon. The characteristics which Jacob attributes to Shiloh belong very well to the character of Solomon." ("The Messianic Hope of the Samaritans", "by Jacob, son of Aaron", "High Priest of the Samaritans", "1907").

Jacob's Prophecy about Shiloh of Genesis 49: 10, which says "Until Shiloh comes", is interpreted in the Samaritan texts as:

"… till Shiloh (Solomon) shall arise..." (From "Fragments of a Samaritan Targum".)

King Solomon's Bodhisattva was fallen. The Samaritans refer to Shiloh or Solomon in negative terms. But it must be understood that this negative conception of Solomon followed from the fall of his Bodhisattva. As before the sexual fall, King Solomon's Bodhisattva was a Christified Master. But as it is written, Shiloh or Solomon "shall arise."

Until a few decades ago, King Solomon's Bodhisattva was still fallen, but now King Solomon's Bodhisattva has risen "from the mud of the earth."

"Azazel was King Solomon. Presently, the Bodhisattva of Azazel is fallen; but it is logical that in the near future, that Bodhisattva will rise from the mud of the earth." (V.M. Samael Aun Weor, "The Message of Aquarius", chapter XXVI. Work written by the Master in 1958, as appears on page 89 of chapter XVI).

King Solomon was a reincarnation of the Prophet Moses. Therefore, the Prophet Moses was Azazel himself in a previous reincarnation. (Please, see our study "La Expiación de Azazel").

The Messiah of the House of Judah is "The Lion of the Tribe of Judah", "the Avatar of the New Aquarian Age" or Age of Aquarius, our V.M. Samael Aun Weor.

The Messiah of the House of Joseph or Ephraim is the Prophet Elijah, the New Aaron, the New King David reincarnated in our V.M. Rabolú.

Shiloh is King Solomon, the Prophet Moses reincarnated in V.M. Thoth-Moisés.

This is the Messianic Line of the Spiritual Lineage of The Three Messiahs and the Heavenly Messiah Melchizedek in these End Times.

I have finished writing this study with the Help of God on January 5, 2015.

We love all Beings, all of Humanity.
Every Human Being is also Humanity.
"May all Beings be Happy!"
"May all Beings be Blessed!"
"May all Beings be at Peace!"
With all my Heart
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Luis Bernardo Palacio Acosta
Bodhisattva of V.M. Thoth-Moisés
- The Three Factors of the Revolution of the Consciousness