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The Great Bear "Hu Nonp (the Bear God)" is the God of Wisdom, Medicine and White Magic of the Lakota People making it similar to God Thoth of the Ancient Egyptians, and the Hindu Elephant God Ganesha.

"Ganesa (Sk.) The elephant-headed God of Wisdom, the son of Siva. He is the same as the Egyptian Thoth-Hermes [Thoth-Moisés], and Anubis or Hermanubis [Hermes-Anubis]." ("The Theosophical Glossary" by H. P. Blavatsky.).

"... the great physician Anubis,..." ("Osiris and The Egyptian Resurrection", by E.A. Wallis Budge.)

"THE GREAT SPIRIT" among the Lakota People is WAKANTANKA "The Great Mystery that no one of mankind can comprehend", "The Great Mysterious"; in the Vedas is VISHNU "The Supreme Spirit", "BRAHMA"; among Ancient Egyptians, THOTH "The most mysterious and the least understood of gods" (*1), and OSIRIS-ANUBIS; and in Early Christianity is JESUS-CHRIST, but as the HOLY SPIRIT is One with The FATHER and The SON The CHRIST, the Holy Spirit is also "The Great Spirit". In Early Christianity The God ANUBIS was called "ANUBIS-CHRIST."

"... Hu Nonp (the Bear God), the patron of wisdom;..." ("Lakota Belief and Ritual", by James R. Walker.)

"A man dreams of the bear, and so he is very wakan [*2]. Also he belongs to the Bear society." "The man who dreams of the bear is leader of the whole society. These are the rules of the Bear society." ("Lakota Belief and Ritual", by James R. Walker, "Document 48, Bears Are Wakan", by "Thomas Tyon, a mixed-blood whom the holy men trusted and who frequently served as Walker's interpreter.").

[*2] "Holy Man", "Wise Man".

"... The God the Bear is the patron of wisdom and his presence at a ceremony insures that it will be correctly performed." ("Lakota Belief and Ritual", by James R. Walker.)

"... The Great Bear is the wisest of beings." ("Lakota Myth By James R. Walker; Elaine A. Jahner").

- Extraterrestrial Spaceship of Light that we capture with our camera from our home in Asunción, Paraguay, on January 21, 2009 ( - Spaceship Kachina) - assuming the shape


... of an Eagle, of the Eagle Spirit


... and the shapes of a White Bear, The White Bear Spirit, and of the Heavenly Wolf, the Wolf Spirit.-

(Extraterrestrial Spaceship of Light - January 21, 2009 - flash slide presentation).

(Extraterrestrial Spaceship of Light - January 21, 2009 - Photo Gallery).


(*1) "Thoth (Eg.). The most mysterious and the least understood of gods, whose personal character is entirely distinct from all other ancient deities."

"While the permutations of Osiris, Isis, Horus, and the rest, are so numberless that their individuality is all but lost, Thoth remains changeless from the first to the last Dynasty. He is the god of wisdom and of authority over all other gods. He is the recorder and the judge. His ibis-head, the pen and tablet of the celestial scribe, who records the thoughts, words and deeds of men and weighs them in the balance, liken him to the type of the esoteric Lipikas. His name is one of the first that appears on the oldest monuments. He is the lunar god of the first dynasties, the master of Cynocephalus—the dog-headed ape who stood in Egypt as a living symbol and remembrance of the Third Root-Race. (Secret Doctrine, II. pp. 184 and 185). He is the 'Lord of Hermopolis' —Janus, Hermes and Mercury combined. He is crowned with an atef and the lunar disk, and bears the 'Eye of Horus', the third eye, in his hand. He is the Greek Hermes, the god of learning, and Hermes Trismegistus, the 'Thrice-great Hermes', the patron of physical sciences and the patron and very soul of the occult esoteric knowledge. [...] According to Plato, 'Thoth-Hermes was the discoverer and inventor of numbers, geometry, astronomy and letters'. Proclus, the disciple of Plotinus, speaking of this mysterious deity, says: 'He presides over every species of condition, leading us to an intelligible essence from this mortal abode, governing the different herds of souls'".

"In other words Thoth, as the Registrar and Recorder of Osiris in Amenti, the Judgment Hall of the Dead was a psychopompic deity; while Iamblichus hints that 'the cross with a handle (the thau or tau) which Tot holds in his hand, was none other than the monogram of his name'. Besides the Tau, as the prototype of Mercury, Thoth carries the serpent-rod, emblem of Wisdom, the rod that became the Caduceus. Says Mr. Bonwick, 'Hermes was the serpent itself in a mystical sense. He glides like that creature, noiselessly, without apparent exertion, along the course of ages. He is ... a representative of the spangled heavens. But he is the foe of the bad serpent, for the ibis devoured the snakes of Egypt.'" ("The Theosophical Glossary" by H. P. Blavatsky.).


Narrative of an Experience in a Conscious Astral Projection of an encounter with the "Standing Bear" that turned into a Great Lakota Chief, of the Beautiful Salmon Fish, of the Sacred Tree and the Charming Sound of the Bamboo Magic Flute.

Asunción, Paraguay. Month of July, Year 2006.

I went out or Consciously Projected myself in my Astral Body and when already out of my physical body, moving away from my bed where my body was still resting, I walked towards the door that leads to the garden of the fountain.

I immediately began to call my Divine Mother Kundalini with a loud voice, and thus I began to fly through the city, saying repeatedly with strength and in a loud voice:

Divine Mother Kundalini! Divine Mother Kundalini! Divine Mother Kundalini!

After calling her many times all through the city, I was then taken in my Astral Body Northwards, towards the Arctic...

I arrived at and entered a beautiful house of North America... The snow covered everything... My wife, our son and a lady with her daughter were also inside the house...

My wife was talking with the lady and her daughter...

Our son was taking care of a beautiful and huge salmon fish which was inside a little crystal house approximately a meter high, shaped like a cuckoo clock...

The little crystal house's interior space was all covered in snow as well as upon the salmon fish, whose colours were electric blue and red...

The fish radiated heat and energy that were melting the snow little by little, until the snow disappeared completely... while the salmon fish remained on the floor of the little crystal house... "The clock" had "snow"... instead of "sand"... which greatly attracted our attention.

Later and approaching the large glass windows, we saw that outside everything was still covered by thick layers of snow and ice...

We also saw with astonishment that a beautiful and giant Polar Bear was approaching our house, walking in an Upright Position...

When the Polar Bear arrived at a few meters before the house entrance he began to move the snow, until a salmon fish with red and blue electric colours became visible, appearing there too...

The Standing Polar Bear felt great joy at seeing it, and as if he were a Bear Cub, he began to play in the snow with a great joy that we could feel...

Suddenly the scene changed totally...

The ice and the snow had disappeared completely... And in front of the entrance of our house there was a beautiful, strong and leafy Tree which looked like an Oak... (or a Cedar Tree...).

The giant and beautiful Standing Bear appeared again, but this time with a different colour of his skin: a brown colour... We observed him with admiration through the large glass windows of our house...

We also saw that a couple with children was approaching... But as they saw the Giant Standing Bear, they had "Fear"... and they ran to take shelter under the Big Tree that was in front of our house...

The children arrived first and then the woman, and standing before the heavy trunk of the Tree, they quickly climbed up its branches covered with dense and green foliage... The man managed to hide himself behind the trunk of the Tree, feeling a great "Fear" of the Big Standing Bear that was approaching the Tree...

I was observing all this from our house and through one of the large glass windows...

Then a beautiful and golden Bamboo Flute appeared in my hands...

When I began to blow it, some very sweet, soft and beautiful notes came out of it, and they were heard by the Big Standing Bear who, moving his head, tried to spot from which place the notes of the Bamboo Flute were coming...

I saw that the Standing Bear realised that they were coming from our house, and walking very straight, with slow and soft steps, he began to approach one of the large glass windows of our house and, once there, he looked through the crystal, trying to find out the performer of the Music of the Flute I continued playing, holding it in my hands, by soft blows from my lips into the Flute...

Suddenly, I was Surprised to see that the Big Brown Standing Bear was now inside our House, approaching me with soft steps, smiling and very friendly...

I saw myself very small before the Big Standing Bear who took my right hand with paternal affection and tenderness, as if I were a child...

Then, my wife, our son and the lady with her daughter came over...

Then, we see with great astonishment and admiration that the Big Standing Bear now turns into a Great Lakota Chief...

His body was high and very strong... His face was at the same time calm, kind and with a very energetic expression: Immutable like a Rock...

His eyes slightly almond-shaped... His Jet Black and very long Hair reached under his waist, but tied up behind his neck...

His skin was like that of North American Indigenous People...

Without letting go of my right hand, the kind and paternal "Standing Bear" under the human form of a Great Lakota Chief, followed by my wife, our son, the lady and her daughter, took us on a tour of the house checking everything in detail.

Eventually, he began to check some of the house's electrical cables and he took them in his hands. We saw that he put them close to his right ear and stood for a while as if he was expecting to hear something.

He told us there were a lot of dangers, but that luckily the tornado and the hurricane were not going to come. Then, he breathed relieved and told us this danger had already passed, but that now dangers continued outside the house...

These last Words of the Great Lakota Chief now remind us of the Words written in the Essene Texts from Qumran concerning the Work and Mission of the Essene Teacher of Righteousness reincarnated in the end times.

"... the evildoer acc]osts the upright man... 13 [Its interpretation: the evildoer is the Wicked Priest and the upright man] is the Teacher of Righteousness..." (1QHabakkuk Pesher (1QpHab) Col. I). (“The Dead Sea Scrolls Translated..." by Florentino García Martínez).

Another version reads:

"The Wicked man stalks the Righteous man and seeks [to kill him..."

The "wicked priest" are Black Magicians' dark forces that, as in Ancient Egypt, attacked and attack V.M. Thoth-Moisés' Work and Mission, who is the Teacher of Righteousness reincarnated in these end times.

(We invite the kind reader to read and study, for example, The Hymns or "Hodayoth" by the Teacher of Righteousness and the "Commentary on Habakkuk" of the Essene Texts from Qumran, among others.

In this end of times of "Cutting Edge Technology", the electronic and electromagnetic technologies used constructively, peacefully, medically, etc., are positive for the Sake of Humanity.

However, the electronic and electromagnetic technologies used to attack physically or psychologically, visibly or "invisibly", are instruments at the service of evil.

The Technotronic at the Service of the Being, of the Spirit, of Knowledge, of Wisdom, for the Sake of Humanity, is a highly constructive, uplifting, dignifying means:

"The Gnostic Technotronic will be like a biblical David who will face the intolerable Goliath of the perverted media and will win the battle." (Venerable Master Samael Aun Weor).

The Work and Mission of the Essene Teacher of Righteousness reincarnated in V.M. Thoth-Moisés is a true "David", struggling Peacefully, Constructively, giving generously and freely the Bread of Wisdom to all Poor Suffering Humanity in these end times against the Black Lodge's dark forces that are the "Goliath of the perverted media".

The Great Lakota Chief continued holding my right hand, and he did not leave me at any moment and remained with us there, in our house, accompanying us, protecting us and preparing himself for a long journey...

This is a Faithful, Real, True Narrative of an Inner, Spiritual, Esoteric, Conscious encounter with the Great Lakota Chief "Standing Bear", in the Astral Dimension, in the House up North, in the Arctic, where I saw myself with my Beloved Wife, our Son, another Lady and her Daughter; as well as of the crystal house in the shape of a cuckoo clock, the beautiful salmon fish with blue and red electric colours, my Bamboo Magic Flute and its beautiful, soft and charming notes... of the leafy Sacred Tree with a heavy trunk and dense foliage... of the couple with their children... of an Experience that I lived very Consciously in an Astral Projection in which my Divine Mother Kundalini took me Northwards, towards the Arctic...

Studies and Symbologies of the Salmon Fish and the Crystal House, the Sacred Tree, the Standing Bear, the Bamboo Flute and the Great Lakota Chief.

Our Divine Mother Kundalini is the Inner, Individual, Particular Divine Mother of our Soul, of our Spirit, of our own Being.

Each Being has an Individual, Particular Divine Mother Kundalini.

She is God-Mother, the Divine Virgin-Mother within each one of us.

When we Awaken the Serpent that Ascends up the Rod of our Cerebrospinal Column, it is our Divine Mother Kundalini or the Sacred Fire of the Holy Spirit, the Flaming Serpent that the Prophet Moses rose in the Rod of his Vertebral Column, in the Initiatic Desert of his Existence...

She, our Divine Mother Kundalini, is The Woman who can crush the head of the tempting serpent of Eden and of its seed, that is, the "I's" or the psychological defects we carry within ourselves.

Our Divine Mother Kundalini's Lineage is the Intimate, Inner Christ. Our Divine Mother Kundalini and the Inner Christ can totally crush, disintegrate, eliminate the dark forces of the descending serpent (the Abominable Kundartiguador Organ) and of its seed, that is, the "I’s" or the psychological defects and their perverse lustful atoms.

Our Divine Mother Kundalini can also help us project ourselves Consciously in Astral Body, taking us to Places and Sacred Temples where we are instructed in the Hidden, Sacred, Occult Wisdom of the Great Mysteries of the Great White Lodge.

The Mysterious Salmon Fish of Red and Blue Electric Colours inside his Crystal House that Irradiates Heat and Energy symbolizes the Inner Christ who is in his "Crystal Sepulchre", awaiting the moment of the Esoteric Resurrection...

The "Crystal Land", the "Far Thule", also comes to our mind... The First Race that inhabited the lands nowadays covered in Arctic Ice...

In relation to the Esoteric symbology, the Red Salmon is the Inner Christ. Once He achieves the Esoteric Resurrection from within his Crystal Sepulchre, He is then the Red-Coloured Philosophical Stone, the Hermetic Rose, the Lily Flower.

The Lakota People associate the Red and Blue colours with "the final days of the world"...

In another Key or explanation, it is the sign that "there is No time!" anymore. That is to say, we are in "the end times"... The Arctic as well as the Antarctic Ice and the Ice of the snow-covered summits are melting due to the warming of the Planet, the Change of Earth's Magnetic Axis,the approaching of the Planet Hercolubus (called in the Bible "Wormwood") to our Solar System...

The Polar regions will become the Equatorial zone, and what is now the Equatorial zone will become the future Polar zone...

Recently, in this year 2013, "a group of scientists from three British universities", in a study carried out over "40 years", have warned on "the imminent disappearance of summer sea ice in the Arctic"..., which can "possibly cause a catastrophic climate change" bringing forward in time a greater and catastrophic increase of Planet's temperature. Although the Scientists appeal "to any person" who might be able to help, they caution that they have not:

"... much time to discuss it. This is so big and if it happens, it might happen quickly, and people have to awake to the possible reality that we are facing".

The Arctic Thaw is already openly considered as "an imminent threat to life on Earth..."

A Scientist recently stated that within a few years:

"... the world will have to witness a new and frightening landscape in the North Pole: that of an Arctic in lack of ice".

From among several different Scientific reports, we transcribe the following paragraphs:

"... If this trend goes on, there will be no sea ice fields* by the end of this decade",..." *("Joints of floating ice plates in the region of the polar seas.")

"... the impact on the Arctic is difficult to be established because that region is 'possibly going to respond more quickly and severely to climate change than any other part of the planet'."

A Native Eskimo exclaimed over the Arctic ice melt that is speeding up:

"If this melts, let the rest of the world prepare themselves to learn to swim"...

The melting of the Arctic and all the Glaciers on the Planet caused by the "global warming" is an undeniable and irreversible fact and it is imminent in a very short term. But as a Climatologist Scientist has declared:

"Paradoxically, global warming might cool all of a sudden the eastern North America and northern Europe."

The more the "global warming" increases, the more an imminent "Ice Age" approaches and precipitates in the northern hemisphere with catastrophic consequences worldwide, not only with the total collapse of the world economy, which is what concerns the worshipers of the "golden calf" most, but also with the destruction of almost all Mankind and vegetal and animal life throughout the planet, which is much more serious, leaving a few survivors as seedbed for a new Humanity after about two centuries of purification and renewal of the Earth through the struggle between the elements of Nature and from which, in a new Golden Age, a "New Progeny" will grow, blossom and bear fruit: "The Progeny of Metatron".

The Divine Mother Kundalini is also called "Stella Maris", the Star of the Sea or the Virgin of the Sea. In a Key, "Stella Maris" is the Polar Star...

Scientists are greatly astonished by the fact that The Polar Star or "Polaris" "today shines 2.5 times brighter than it did 2.000 years ago". They claim that it is something "unusual" and uncommon and it is believed that it could be due to "the modifications of the terrestrial magnetic pole"...

A Canadian Geologist who has been investigating the movement of Earth's Magnetic axis towards Siberia has claimed that this change is happening very fast.

Earth's Magnetic Pole always changes its position at the end of every Root Race... Every "26,000" years approximately.

Although there are scientists who claim it as a "normal" shift that has already happened in other ancient times, many other changes are happening throughout the Planet, such as the melting of the Arctic and of all Glaciers on Earth, among many other changes that are not "normal"... not only on our Planet Earth, but also ... on Mars! that is also warming, diminishing "the ice" of its south pole rapidly…

There is a great disturbance and agitation not only on our Planet Earth, but also throughout our Solar System.

There is "Something" that is "Globally" affecting our entire Solar System and not only our Planet Earth...

The "Global Warming" on our Planet Earth and other Planets of our Solar System is due to the approach of a Planetary Body "several times the size of Jupiter...", that is to say, Hercolubus!

"Hercolubus", "Wormwood" or the "Powerful Purple (or Red) Star", "The Red Kachina", "The Destroyer", "The great one long hidden in darkness" is coming closer to our planet and will pass in a corner of our solar system, directly affecting the Earth, exerting a greater gravitational pull over it than over other planets. Its Powerful Force exerted mostly on our World makes that the Fire of the Interior of our Planet gets increasingly closer to the surface of the earth and to the "surface" of the beds at the bottom of the Seas, which will cause great explosions of lava everywhere in the Geological crust and at the bottom of the Seas, spewing fire that will burn everything on our Planet as announced about two thousand years ago in the Prophecies of the Sacred Scriptures:

"The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering toward us, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance."

"But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up."

"Seeing then that all these things shall be dissolved, what sort of persons ought you to be in all holy conversation and godliness, looking for and hastening the coming of the day of God, wherein the heavens being on fire shall be dissolved, and the elements will melt with fire?"

"Seeing then that all these things shall be dissolved, what manner of persons ought you to be in all holy conduct and godliness, looking for and hastening unto the coming of the day of God, in which the heavens being on fire shall be dissolved, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat?"

"Nevertheless we, according to His promise, look for new heavens and a new earth, in which dwells righteousness."

"Therefore, beloved, seeing that you look for such things, be diligent that you may be found of him in peace, without spot, and blameless."

(Second Epistle of St. Peter the Apostle, 3: 9-14).

The Magnetic North Pole increases its displacing speed every year, moving faster Eastward towards Siberia.

The Poles are exchanged, and the current Equatorial Zone turns into the Polar Zone, and the current Polar Zone turns into the Equator. So it happened at the end of the previous Fourth Root Race: the Atlantean Race... and so it is happening now, in these "final days" of our Current Fifth Root Race that began after the "Great Flood":

"The Mosaic flood had the same importance, the same spread, the same repercussions as all the previous floods. Somehow it is the typical description of the periodic catastrophe resulting from the reversal of the poles. It is the simplified interpretation of the successive floods, of which undoubtedly Moses was aware, either because he had been an eyewitness to one of them - which would justify his own name - or because he had obtained such knowledge through divine revelation. To us, the ark of salvation seems to represent the geographical location where the chosen ones gather when the great perturbation is near, rather than a hand-built boat. By its form, the ark already reveals itself as a cyclic figure rather than as a true ship. In a text where we must especially, according to the word of the Scriptures, consider the spirit rather than the letter, it is impossible for us to take the building of the ship in a literal sense as well as the search for "all the pure and impure animals" and their reunion by couples. A disaster that imposes, for two centuries, to living and free beings, living conditions so different from their normal ones, so contrary to their needs go beyond the limits of our reason. It should not be forgotten that during the entire trial, the hemisphere, given over to the rush of water, is plunged into the most total darkness. It is indeed worth knowing that Moses speaks of cyclic days, whose secret value is equal to regular years. Let us be more specific: it is written that the flood rains lasted forty days and that the waters covered the earth for one hundred and fifty days, that is one hundred and ninety days total. Then God caused a warm wind to blow, and the level of the sheet of water went down. The ark landed on Mount Ararat, in Armenia. Noah opened the window (the return to light) and liberated a crow which, held back by corpses, did not come back. He then let a dove fly which immediately came back to the ark, for at that time trees were still submerged. The patriarch then waited seven days and again let the bird fly, which returned toward evening bringing back a green olive branch. The flood was over. It had lasted one hundred and ninety-seven cyclic days, give or take three years, two actual centuries. Can we admit that a ship exposed to the storms for such a long time would be capable of resisting it? And, on the other hand, what should we think of its cargo? These implausibilities, even so, could not totally shake our convictions. We hold the Mosaic account to be true, and positive as far as its basis, that is to say, as far as the actuality of the event of the flood is concerned, but most of the circumstances which accompany it, particularly those concerned with Noah, with the ark, and with the coming and going of the animals are clearly allegorical. The text contains an esoteric teaching of considerable scope. Let us simply note that Noah, who has the same cabalistic meaning as Noel (Christmas in French; in Greek, Noe), is a contraction of the Greek [Neos-Helios], the New Sun. The ark, Arch, indicates the beginning of the new Era. The rainbow signifies the covenant that God makes with man, in a cycle which is just beginning; its is the born-again or renewed Symphony: consent, agreement, union, pact. It is also the belt of Iris (…), the privileged zone..." (Fulcanelli "The Dwellings of the Philosophers").

The Polar Star, "Polaris", currently in the Constellation of Ursa Minor ("Little Bear"), is the nearest Star to the North Pole.

According to the Indigenous traditions of North America, "The Bear" is considered as the Guardian, the Protector, the Keeper and the Helping Spirit of North America.

The Polar Bear, although it might adapt to feeding on salmon fish like the Brown Bear in Alaska, is in danger of extinction because of the melting of the Arctic ice due to the global warming...

As The Polar Bear, the Brown Bear and the "Spirit Bear", etc., disappear in North America, so will Its Protective Guardian and its Helping Spirit...

A Native North American Indigenous Legend tells that at the beginning of time, when the world was ice and snow, God Raven came from the sky and made the world green. But he missed the whiteness so he decided to create something that would remind him of the white beauty of the snow. He went through the great forest of the western coast and on an island where man has never lived, he made a Bear Cub out of every ten Black Bears White. He declared that they would live there forever, in peace.

But now the "Helping Spirit" is getting ready to leave, as the Polar Bears, the Brown Bear and the Spirit Bear in North America are driven to extinction...

Only those who have True "Fear of God" and approach the Sacred Tree of Life will continue having the Protection of the "Helping Spirit"...

The Sound of the Magic Bamboo Flute is the Expression of the Being's Word, the Word of the Logos, the Inner Christ's Word.

Whoever responds to His Call, to the Sound of His Silent Magic Flute, and approaches with True "Fear of God" the Sacred Tree of Life, that is, The Being, will receive the Help, the Protection and the Assistance of the Great Invisible Spirit, that is, of "The Great Hidden Lord", Hidden from those who are not able to see him... As even if they see him, they cannot see him... Even if they listen to him, they cannot hear him...

The True "Fear of God" is the Fear of sinning... Only the one who is in constant Watchfulness and Prayer does not fall into temptation, as he is always in continuous "Fear of God", which is the fear of sinning in thoughts, feelings and actions...

Only those who are always in the fear of sinning, which is the True "Fear of God", will be able to approach the Sacred Tree of Life and they will remain there, Protected by their Own Divine Being and by the "Protective Spirit" that Watches over America and parts of Western Europe: "The Great Atlantean"... in order for them to form the Community of the New Alliance with the Force of the "Dayspring of Youth".

In our "Guía Práctica del Estudiante Gnóstico" [Practical Guide for the Gnostic Student], there are the Keys to be always in the True "Fear of God", that is, the fear of sinning... There are the Keys for the Work with The Three Factors of the Revolution of the Consciousness and Conscious Astral Projection.

The Greatest Valor is that of those who overcome themselves.

The Greatest Sacrifice is the Sacrifice of oneself. The Greatest sacrifice within oneself is to achieve the True and Authentic Scientific Chastity on the basis of the Disintegration of our psychological defects.

Ceremonies and sacrifices that may be made are useless if a person fornicates or adulterates.

The True Sacrifice is the TrueTotal Authentic Chastity which is achieved through the continuous death "from instant to instant, from moment to moment" of our "I's" or psychological defects in thoughts, feelings and actions.

Before God, before the Great Invisible Spirit, rites, ceremonies, fasts, sacrifices, etc., have no value if there is no True Chastity, if there is no Total Faithfulness.

The True and Real Sacrifice is that of the one who achieves the Death of the ego (the "I's" or the psychological defects) and attains True Total Chastity and Conscious Sacrifice for Humanity.

So far, in synthesis, some explanations on the symbologies of the Conscious Astral Experience with the Great Lakota Chief who previously appeared in the form of a Great Standing Brown Bear, of the Bamboo Magic Flute, the Sacred Tree, the Salmon Fish, the Crystal House with the shape of a Cuckoo Clock, the Polar Bear, the melting of the Arctic Ice and Snow...

July 14, 2006 - Shabbat Eve -

We love all Beings, all Humanity.
Every Human Being is also Humanity.

"May all Beings be Happy!"
"May all Beings be Blessed!"
"May all Beings be at Peace!"

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With all my Heart and for all Poor Suffering Humanity,

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