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* Presentation of Recent Photographs of the Bodhisattva of V.M. Thoth-Moisés.

I recall that on one occasion when we were collaborating with Our V.M. Rabolú in the works at the International Coordinating Headquarters of the Gnostic Movement in Bogotá, He was listening on his sound equipment to some songs interpreted on Hawaiian Guitar by Toño Fuentes from one of the albums “Cuerdas que lloran [Strings that cry]”...

Note: Today, Shabbat Day, Saturday, January 21, 2023, when I began preparing the images and titles of the Songs accompanied by Hawaiian Guitars and other Musical Instruments, among them those from “Cuerdas que lloran,” around 3 o'clock in the afternoon (15:00), many White Butterflies appeared flying very high in the sky, continuously, also flying above the treetops, fluttering over the Plants and Flowers of our Sacred Garden, brushing us and even at times touching our body, and they are still flying until now at 7 o'clock in the evening (19:00). When we went out into our Garden, we saw with great astonishment and joy that several of these beautiful and charming White Butterflies are resting on the Garden branches, happily fluttering intermittently. Esoterically it means that we are attracting and gathering from the distant lands of Hawaii the Spiritual Current of the True Ancient and Ancestral Wisdom of the Real “Kahuna” (Priests, Sages, Masters) of the White Lodge, of the Ancient Initiates, Chaste Men and Chaste Women.

*** “INGWË. [Yngvi-Freyr] One of the first Elves and king of the First Kindred of the Elves, known as the Vanyar or “Fair Elves.” In the history of the Elves he plays an equivalent role to the biblical Moses. Just as Moses in the Old Testament was chosen by God to lead the Hebrews out of Egypt to their Promised Land, so Ingwë is chosen by the Valar to lead the Elves in what became known as the Great Journey out of Middle-earth to their promised land of Eldamar.  […] Among the Norse, this god was known as Freyr (“the Lord”), though his true or older name was Yngvi. Freyr was one of the Vanir, a race of fertility and corn gods […] Tolkien’s Elven High King Ingwë eventually leads his people to the Undying Lands….” (“An Encyclopedia of Tolkien: The History and Mythology That Inspired Tolkien's World”).

“... The Elves, like the Hebrews tribes of Moses, are a 'chosen people', surviving terrible hardships to reach the 'promised land' of the Undying Lands..." (“The World of Tolkien: Mythological Sources of The Lord of the Rings”...”)

The “MENEHUNE” are the Ancient ELVES OF LIGHT, the Spiritual People of Israel of the Prophet MOSES.

"... Kini-lau-a-mano [Jacob], became the ancestor of the twelve children of  [Israel]..., and the original founder of the Menehune people, from whom this legend makes the Polynesian family descend." [“Hawaiian Folk Tales A Collection of Native Legends Compiled by Thos. G. Thrum”]

“Lua-nuu [Abraham] is the tenth descendant from Nuu [Noah, Noe] by both the oldest and the youngest of Nuu's sons. This oldest son is represented to have been the progenitor of the Kanaka-maoli, the people living on the mainland of Kane (Aina kumupuaa a Kane): the youngest was the progenitor of the white people (ka poe keokeo maoli). This Lua-nuu (like Abraham, the tenth from Noah, also like Abraham), through his grandson, Kini-lau-a-mano [Jacob], became the ancestor of the twelve children of the latter, and the original founder of the Menehune people, from whom this legend makes the Polynesian family descend.” (“HAWAIIAN FOLK TALES LEGENDS RESEMBLING OLD TESTAMENT HISTORY”)



Ulupo Heiau - Temple Built by The Menehunes -Hawaii Island of O'ahu

Image photographed and sent by Our Appreciated and Dear Soul Brothers Guilherme and His Beloved Wife Mrs. Vanessa, Diego and His Beloved Wife Mrs. Magali, from Hawaii. Mahalo.

The “Supreme God was also Iao […] showed similarities to the Polynesian Supreme God Iao…” “The Supreme God was known throughout Polynesia by many names such as Io, ‘Io or ‘Io-’Io, Iao, […]”

“The Polynesian Supreme God Iao, Io or ‘Io, creator of all things, was not a deified ancestor but a sacred force.” (Gross, Jeffrey L.. Waipi’O Valley: A Polynesian Journey from Eden to Eden (p. 337). Xlibris US. Kindle Edition.)

- Friday, Shabbat Eve, April 9, 2021 -
"Friday, April 9, 1948," Date of the Beginning of Our V.M. Samael Aun Weor's Great Work and Mission (73 Years today, Friday, Shabbat Eve, April 9, 2021)

* Mele A Ka Pu'uwai

Here we are

In this holy place together

Bearing witness as the two of you become man & wife

On this day

As you join in heart and spirit

You begin another chapter in the book of life

            Is the circle that surrounds you
You can find it on the faces of your family
& friend


Let it wrap it's arms around you

And guide you on your journey down the road that never ends

There's a song in your heart

You can hear it if you listen

As whispers through the branches high above the family tree

And there's time

Lay it's melody upon you

You can rest assured in knowing that you're right where you should be


Is the circle that surrounds you

You can find it on the faces of your family & friends


Let it wrap it's arms around you

And guide you on your journey down the road that never ends

Fuente: Musixmatch
Compositores: Brandon 'iliahi Paredes

* “Hula Is More Than a Dance—It's the 'Heartbeat' of the Hawaiian People | Short Film -  YouTube - National Geographic”

* “... We must make a just distinction ... between the gestures and bodily contortions presented by the men and women, the actors in the hula, and their uttered words. "The voice is Jacob's voice, but the hands are the hands of Esau." In truth, the actors in the hula no longer suit the action to the word. The utterance harks back to the golden age; the gesture is trumped up by the passion of the hour, or dictated by the master of the hula, to whom the real meaning of the old bards is ofttimes a sealed casket...”

“... Whatever indelicacy attaches in modern times to some of the gestures and contortions of the hula dancers, the old-time hula songs in large measure were untainted with grossness. If there ever were a Polynesian Arcadia, and if it were possible for true reports of the doings and sayings of the Polynesians to reach us from that happy land - reports of their joys and sorrows, their love-makings and their jealousies, their family spats and reconciliations, their worship of beauty and of the gods and goddesses who walked in the garden of beauty - we may say, I think, that such a report would be in substancial agreement with the report that is here offered...”

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Sección II

“(The sign of the Pentagram is also called the sign of the Microcosm, and it represents what the Kabbalistic Rabbis of the Book of Zohar call Microprosopos.)” (V.M. Samael Aun Weor).

Hibiscus rosa sinensis Flowers from the Garden of V.M.Thoth-Moisés' Sacred Home - 2021


*** There is a very Ancient Spiritual Connectivity between the Culture and Traditions of Hawaii and the Culture and Traditions of Ancient Israel, as we have seen, for instance, in words that include as a whole The Soul and Spirit of Hawaii: “Aloha,” “Hula,” “Pele”…

The word “Hula” of The Hawaiian Hula Dance, which is “The Soul of Hawaii,” is also a word of Hebrew Origin: “Hula Hebrew: To Make Music...”
The Hawaiian word “Aloha” is identical to the Hebrew word “Eloha.”
The Hawaiian word for the Name of the Goddess “Pele” is also Hebrew and means: “Wonder,” "Wonderful."

Spiritual Connectivity Hawaii-Israel.

The Hawaiian expression “LE’ALE’A” (pronunciation: leh-ah-leh-ah) means “to have fun,” “to be joyful,” “joy,” etc., in its sublime, pure, transcendental meaning, not in the trivial, vulgar meaning usually given to it in the decadent “modern” mentality.

“Leka (), reka, N.Z., rekareka, Rar.
Mang., rearea, Tah., lealea, Haw.,
reki,Viti, pleasant, delightful, joyful;
eka, Nuk., melodious, pleasing to the ear.”
(“Ethnography and Philology”, by “Horatio Hale”).

“Leka … lealea, Haw., … pleasant, delightful, joyful … melodious, pleasing to the ear.”
The Hawaiian word “Lea” means: “Joy,” “Pleasure”; and “lealea”: “To delight in”:

“… Hawaiian lea (joy, pleasure), and lealea (to delight in)…”
 (“Maori and Polynesian: their origin, history and culture The Roots of Polynesian Words…”).

In Hebrew, “Lea” or “Leah” (which means “a Joyful/Happy Mother of Children”) refers to one of the Patriarch Jacob's Spiritual Wives, who, as we wrote before, in one of her aspects, corresponds to the Goddess “Pele” of the Hawaiian Culture.

“… by “a happy/joyful mother of children” is meant Leah … “a eager/joyful mother of children” signifies the Jubilee Year, on which depend the joy and gladness of all the worlds;…” (The Zohar).

"Rahel" and "Leah," the Names of the Two Wives of Jacob-Israel, or Moses, contain the Letters of the Expression "Lehahlehah": Rahel Enclothed with the Garments of Leah... The Integration into One Indissoluble Unity (EHAD) of the Two Faces, or "Partzufim," of the Spiritual Beloved Shechinah-Malkhut-Nukva... "Leha" is part of the words "Leha Dodi": a most Beautiful Poem-Song of Love, Restoration, and Redemption "Lekha Dodi," of which Isaac Luria said it was the best and loveliest of all the Religious Hymns. Every Shabbat Eve, at sunset, Isaac Luria, impeccably clothed in White Garments, accompanied by his Disciples, would go to the open field to Welcome the Queen of Shabbat, the Holy Shechinah, singing the Beautiful Song LECHA DODI (LEHA DODI, LEKHA DODI).

-Beautiful Hibiscus rosa sinensis Flower from the Garden of V.M.Thoth-Moisés' Sacred Home-

“Pele,” the Hawaiian Fire Goddess, is the rigorous aspect of the Feminine Deity. In the Hebrew Connectivity, She corresponds to “Leah,” one of the Patriarch Jacob-Israel's Spiritual Wives.

“Leah - Partsuf Nukva
The configuration Nukva comprises two distinct Partsufim
(configurations): Ra'hel and Leah. Configuration Leah is of
the aspect of rigor.” (“ARIZAL: Prince of the Kabbalists. Life and works of
the Arizal, Rabbi Itshak Luria”).

“Leah - Face of the Nukva” or “Feminine” Personification Jacob-Israel's Beloved. The configuration Nukva comprises two distinct faces or personifications: Ra'hel (Rachel) and Leah. The Personification Leah is the aspect of Rigor.”

* Dragonflies - Lotus - Hummingbird from the Garden of V.M.Thoth-Moisés' Sacred Home - 2021

Our Sacred Home with Its Sacred Trees, Our Humble Garden, the Elemental Creatures that accompany and visit us: Our Little Brother Wolves, The Little Sisters: Birds, Butterflies, Dragonflies, Cicadas, Bees, etc., and those who live and accompany us in this Sacred “Philosopher’s Abode,” all that joined together integrates a New, Sacred, and Humble “Aloha”... a Spiritual “Remnant” of the Ancient, Ancestral, and Millennial Roots of the Paradisiacal Lands of Ku, or Kane, and Hina, of Lonu and Laka the Gods and Goddesses of the Sacred and Spiritual Hula Dance that Express The Edenic and Melodious Sacred Songs and the Soft and Undulating Movements of the Erotic and Chaste Fire of Love lit between the Crackling and Sizzling flames of the Fire of the Fiery Forge of Vulcan, Goddess “Pele'́s” Volcanic Fire..., making the Erotic, Chaste, Sexual, and Loving Union between a Man and a Woman, “The Sweet Aloha”... “a Form of Prayer” and “a Serene Path to the Heavens”...

* The Hawaiian Word “Aloha” is not only welcome greetings or “goodbye,” or an expression of affection, of love, addressed to one or several persons, but in a deeper and more spiritual sense, “Aloha” is the Conscious Love for God above all things, and for the Neighbor as for Ourselves, the Love for all Beings, radiating it, providing it. “Aloha” is the Joy of Giving, of Loving, of Making all Beings Happy, without expecting any retribution in return.

“… to the Hawaiian of old, Aloha meant "God in us.”…”

“ALOHA” or “ELOHA” is an Ancient Word of Hebrew Origin, formed by the Hebrew Letters “El-Vav-Hei”. “EL” is CHOCHMAH (The Cosmic Christ), “VAV” is “ZEIR ANPIN” The Male Human Soul, The “Bridegroom,” The Spiritual “Husband,” “HEI” is THE NUKVA, The Female Spiritual Soul, the “Bride,” the Spiritual “Wife.” (V.M. Thoth-Moisés).

“... From tradition [Kabbalah] we learn why the letters V [Vav] and H [Hei] are placed together in their alphabetical order. Vau being the symbol of the male and He that of the female principle, which are united and operate in combination with each other, as husband and wife, and from one becoming invested with a nimbus or covering of divine light that emanates from the male principle [Vav] and known in scripture as grace (Chesed), as it is written, 'The goodness (Chesed) of God endureth continually' (Ps. LII. 1). This ray of divine light comes through the Sephira “Supreme Wisdom” [Chochmah] and penetrates the male principle [Vav, Zeir Anpin], which is communicated to the female [Nukva]. Another tradition states that the name Aloha is separable into, Al, V and H, “Al” designating the light of wisdom [The Light of Chochmah, The Wisdom of God], V [Vav] the male principle [Zeir Anpin] and H [Hei] the female principle [Malkhut, The Queen, The Nukva], and their totality form Aloha.” (The Zohar).
“... we have learned further... that the name Eloha (El- Vav-Hei) is interpreted as follows: El is the Light of Chochmah, Vav is the male, and Hei is the female. Male and female are attached together and are called BY ONE NAME, Eloha. So the holy soul clings to this place, and everything depends on the sign of the COVENANT [True Chastity]. Hence, the words, "from my flesh shall I see Eloha," REFERRING TO THE NAME ELOHA, represent overall/total completion...” (The Zohar).

"R. Simeon [Ben Yohai] quoted here the verse: 'But none saith, Where is God (Eloha) my maker who giveth songs in the night?' (Job XXXV, 10). Said he: 'The name 'Eloha' here refers to Her [the Shechinah] who sings perpetual hymns of praise to the 'King [Zeir Anpin] whose is the peace,' who is like a lamp that never ceases to receive the light of supreme joy from the fulness of His joy. Hence, 'Who giveth songs in the night'." (The Zohar).

“Pure souls are protected by the garment that is spread on them, which is the name Eloha. We hear that the souls of the beloved enter into the chamber of love…” (The Zohar, or “Splendor”).

* In Preparation: Israelite Origins of the Ancient and Aboriginal Native Hawaiians: “The Hawaiian Noah is called Nuu. At the command of the gods he constructed an ark, and entered it with his wife and three sons, and a male and female of every breathing thing. The waters came and covered the earth. When they subsided the gods entered the ark, which was resting on a mountain overlooking a beautiful valley, and commanded Nuu [Noah] to go forth with all of life that the ark contained...”
“Continuing the genealogical record, ten generations are given between Nuu [Noah] and Ku Pule [Abraham], who “removed to a southern country,”… So was it with Abraham. Ku Pule [Abraham] established the practice of circumcision, and was the grandfather of Kini-lau-a-mano [Jacob], whose twelve children became the founders of twelve tribes, from one of which—the Menehune—the Hawaiians are made to descend.”

* "Hawaiians claim descent from the Cushites of Arabia, and in their folk-lore they have the same agreement with the Jewish myths which we find so strangely in other tribes that seem to have no relation to one another. Like the Israelites, they believed in a first pair that forfeited paradise by sinning, and were put out of it. Like the Israelites, they built temples and places of worship. Like the Israelites, they practised circumcision. Their priests and chiefs were kin of the gods..."

"... As the history proceeds we recognize the story of Abraham, and of Joseph and his brethren, and the likeness to the Bible narrative ceases after an account of the long wanderings and troubles of the people in their search for the land set apart for them by Kane,—a search in which they were led by two brothers... [Kanaloa-Aharon and Kane-Apua-Moses]..."

* Genetic Heritage from Native Indigenous Zenu People (of Colombia) among People of Native Genetic Heritage in the Polynesian Islands…

"... There is no definitive date for the Discovery and [Polynesian] settlement of Hawaii; however, high-precision radiocarbon dating in Hawaii using chronometric hygiene analysis, and taxonomic identification selection of samples, puts the initial such settlement of the Hawaiian Islands sometime between 1219 and 1266, originating from earlier settlements first established in the Society Islands around 1025, 1120, and in the Marquesas Islands sometime between 1100 and 1200…”

In the Polynesian Islands: “... individuals with no European ancestry have an Amerindian ancestry  component most closely related to the natives of Colombia... which mixed with the Polynesian as early as 1340—namely, long before the discovery of America. In addition, this same ancestral Amerindian component was found in other remote eastern Polynesian islands that would have been inhabited before Rapa Nui [Easter Island]; indeed, the most likely dates of contact are between 1150 and 1230.”


“In the current study, the researchers identified that the Indigenous genetic signature passed down [to the ancient Polynesians of the Marquesas Island] is similar to that of the Zenu people, a Native South American group that lives in Colombia.” (*)

“The researchers found that contact between Polynesian individuals and a Native American group related to present-day Indigenous people in Colombia occurred as early as A.D. 1150.”

“… Genome-wide DNA analysis of the Native American ancestries of the Pacific islanders all fall within, or beside, the Zenu people—an indigenous Colombian population...”


“Source: Stanford University”:

“About 200 years before Christopher Columbus arrived in the Caribbean Islands, Native Americans had already made contact with settlers of the Polynesian Islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.
A group of researchers from several American and European universities has recently found one of the best-documented evidence. For this purpose, they collected DNA samples from a total of 807 living indigenous people along the Pacific coast from Mexico to Chile (from 15 ethnic groups) and compared them with the descendants of the Polynesians settled on 17 islands in today's Oceania.
To the surprise of many, they discovered that the indigenous people who occupy the Colombian territory have DNA segments identical to the Polynesians scattered from Hawaii to the Cook Islands, Tahiti, and Rapa Nui (Easter Island, Chile). Between this latter and the Colombian Pacific coast, there is a distance of approximately 4,500 kilometers.
Postdoctoral scholar at Stanford's Institute for Computational and Mathematical Engineering Alexander Iaonides, professor of Biomedicine at the same University Carlos Bustamante, professor at the National Laboratory of Genomics for Biodiversity Andrés Moreno Estrada, and the UNAM of Mexico form part of the team of scientists who conducted the research. Other researchers from the University of Oslo, of Oxford, the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, the University of Colorado, and the University of California in San Francisco also contributed to the work.”

* “Research by geneticists from Stanford University was trying to decipher the ancestry of the Polynesians. The study discovered that the Polynesians not only reached Easter Island in Chile but also came to Colombia and took some of the country's natives with them. They knew it because, when tracking their current DNA, they found they have genes from the Indigenous Zenu people.”

* “... In the current study, the researchers identified that [the Polynesians'] genetic signature passed down is similar to that of the Zenu people, a Native South American group that lives in Colombia.”
* “ZENÚ” “The people of the word.”
“The Zenú indigenous people are located in the resguardos [reservations] of San Andrés de Sotavento in the department of Córdoba, under the municipal capital of Tolú Viejo, and in the resguardo [reservation] of El Volao in Urabá. They are also found in several small settlements in Sucre, Antioquia, and Chocó [in Colombia].”

* April 4, 2021 - Resurrection Sunday, V.M.Thoth-Moisés' Gnostic Messages to Our Dear Community, all Suffering Humanity (Audio-Images-Pdf) * Two Beautiful, Edenic, and Paradisiacal, Immaculately White Flowers of Our Sacred Ginger Plants... Two White Butterflies, or Kuintru, perched above our head, United in Enchanted, Pure, Innocent Love Nuptials...  after a Festive and Joyful Sacred Hula Dance...

* When the Children of Israel led by the Prophet Moses came out of the Bondage of the "Egypt" of the World and Crossed the Red Sea of Passions, then Moses, His "Sister" Mary, and the Children of Israel Sang The Song of the Sea, then entering into the "Loneliness" of the Esoteric "Wilderness," which is "To Die" to the World and to be able to be finally taken away... by The Maitreya Buddha and Kalki Avatar of Aquarius, Our V.M. Samael Aun Weor, to a New Promised Land, which in these End Times will be "The Mayab of the Andes" and "The Cradle of the New Civilization," "the Last Refuge"... in the South Pacific Ocean... in "The Land without Evil": "The Progeny of Metatron"… “... “And a little child shall lead them” (Isaiah 11,6) "in the Path of His Heart" since Metatron [Enoch-Moses] is called a little child...” (The Zohar, “Parashat Pinchas,” I, 251).

* Orígenes del Canto Antifonal Religioso

The Antiphonal Hymns Sung and Danced by Moses, Mary, and the Children of Israel before the Red Sea Waves, Reinterpreted later by the Essene Initiates "Therapeutae" of Ancient Egypt, "a copy of the choir organized in far-off times at the Red Sea," are "an Integrated System of Poetry, Movement, and Rhythm"...

"83. XI. After the meal they hold the sacred vigil, which is celebrated in the following manner. They all rise up in a body and at the center of the refectory they first form two choirs, ONE OF MEN, THE OTHER OF WOMEN, the leader and precentor chosen for each being the most highly esteemed among them and the most musical. 84. They then sing hymns to God composed in many meters and melodies, now chanting together, then again antiphonically and armonically, now moving hands and feet in concordant harmony, and full of divine inspiration they sometimes chant processional odes, and sometimes the lyrics, and sometimes the lyrics of a chorus in standing position as well as executing the strophe and antistrophe of the choral dance."

"85. Then when each choir has completed for itself its own part in the feasting, having drunk as in Bacchic revelries of the strong wine of God's love, they mix, and the two choirs become one, a copy of the choir organized in far-off times at the Red Sea on the occasion of the wonders there wrought. 86. For at the divine command, the sea became a cause of salvation to the one side and of utter destruction to the other. For as the sea was rent asunder, drawn downward by the violent recoil of its waves, and on either side, facing each other, the waters virtually walled up in solid form, the intervening space thus opened up broadened into a highway fully dry, through which the people marched to the opposite mainland, safely escorted to higher ground. But when the waters came rushing in with the returning tide, and from either side poured over the dried sea floor, the pursuing enemy were overwhelmed and perished."

"87. After witnessing and experiencing this act, men and women alike were filled with divine ecstasy, formed a single choir, sang hymns of thanksgiving [Hodayot] to God their Savior, the men led by the Prophet Moses and the women by the Prophetess Miriam." (Philo of Alexandria in: "On The Contemplative Life")

* Audio: Chants-Sacred Cries of Our Brother Falcons -V.M.Thoth-Moises Home- March 22, 2021 - Asunción-Paraguay (mp3 7.3 MB).

IN PREPARATION: On the Hawaiian “Hula” Dance, The Sacred Falcons, The Rosa Mundi, The White Lotus Flower...

Today, Monday, March 22, 2021, during the Day, between 10:00 and 10:30 in the morning, while writing some notes on The Hawaiian “Hula” Dance, several Sacred and Beautiful Brother Falcons visited us, Chanting/Crying very loudly, hovering above and among the branches of the high canopies of the Sacred Trees in Our Sacred Home.

Please click on this link to watch and listen to Our Sacred Brother Falcons that have visited us today

In one explanation, Our Sacred Brother Falcons have come to confirm the previous Work I published  Yesterday, Sunday, ADONAY's Day, March 21, 2021, "Anubis El Gallo Blanco - Las Siete Gallinas Blancas - La Tortuga Mariposa - El Mirto - Freya - Lei Ginger White - Yama Yima Jemshid [Anubis The White Rooster - The Seven White Hens - The Butterfly-Turtle - The Myrtle - Freya - Lei Ginger White - Yama Yima Jemshid] (pdf 10.8 MB)...," in which I have given Testimonies with their respective audio, image, and video links, of how, since our arrival here at Our Sacred Home in the Year 2001 (20 years ago), among other Sacred Sister Birds, we are very frequently visited by Our Sacred Brother Falcons, and the Testimony on the Sacred Falcon of the Norse Goddess Freyja, or Freya, the Beloved Bride/Wife of His Beloved, the King of the Elves of Light Freyr.

And on “the "divine royal glory" (khvarenah)...,” the Holy Shechinah, “Varaghna” The Holy Falcon of Yima, Yama, Shamshid, Shemshid (King Solomon), and of Whom I gave Testimonies as to Her Manifestation  when in Her Holy Form and Likeness of Sacred Falcon, She talked to me of Our Great Love with Sublime, Beautiful, and Lovely Words...

Today we also have in Bloom: a Beautiful Rosebush with Beautiful and Charming “Rosa Mundi,” “Rosa Gallica,” “one of the oldest of the striped roses, whose flowers are crimson splashed on a white background,” a Beautiful, delicate, aromatic, and tender White Lotus Flower...

*** Día de ADONAY del 21 de Marzo de 2021 - PUBLICACIÓN:
Anubis El Gallo Blanco -  Las Siete Gallinas Blancas - La Tortuga Mariposa - El Mirto - Freya - Lei Ginger White - Yama Yima Jemshid (pdf 10.8 MB)

*In my Astral Body, I saw, on the highest part of one of the Trees of the Garden of Our Sacred Home, on the Yvyrá-pytá or the Lapacho, the Holy and Sacred SHECHINAH perched in the form of a Beautiful and Sacred Black-Headed Golden Falcon.

My Holy “Varaghna” in the Likeness of a Sacred Falcon, talking to me and singing to me, was saying to me that She Loves Me So Much:

"What a Great Love!
What a Great Love!
What a Great Love!
I Love You So Much!
I Love You So Much!
I Love You So Much!"

While looking at her ecstatically, I said:

“And I Love You So Much, too!


Hawaiian Wedding Song

"This is the moment I've waited for
I can hear my heart singing
Soon bells will be ringing
This is the moment of sweet Aloha
I will love you longer than forever
Promise me that you will leave me never
Here and now dear
All my love, I vow dear
Promise me that you will leave me never
I will love you longer than forever
U-a, si-la
Pa-a ia me o-e
Ko a-lo-ha ma-ka-mea e…"

*** Announcements and Signs in Heaven and on Earth of the Mystical, Edenic Weddings, with the Help of GOD AL-LAH, of Tiferet of Zeir Anpin and Malkhut, The Nukva, The Holy Shechinah,

* Today, on this Wonderful and Sacred Shabbat Day of March 20, 2021, on the Celebration of “Nowruz,” “The First Day” of the Beginning of Spring, a Festival Celebrated among the Persian People, WE HAVE IN BLOOM FOR THE FIRST TIME OUR SACRED GINGER PLANTS WITH BEAUTIFUL AND IMMACULATE WHITE FLOWERS!!!
“The white flowers found on certain species of the ginger plant represent true love and affairs of the heart. In Hawaii, intrinsically woven leis are created from this color.”

"The first written records of ginger appear in China some two and a half millennia ago. These early texts are said to be written by Shennong, “Divine Farmer”, who is recognized as the father of traditional Chinese medicine. In order to evaluate herbs and describe their suitability as remedies, he is said to have tasted tens of different herbs daily. He miraculously survived the process to author the legendary Shennong Bencao Jing, the first book about herbal medicine in China. In it, ginger is noted for its healing properties—a strengthening herb that is capable of maintaining health and wellbeing."

* Hace 1 Año - 28 de Febrero 2020 - 28 de Febrero 2021 - Las Bodas Místicas del Alma del Profeta Daniel en el Fin de los Días - Pdf

* The Short Hymn to Aton composed by His Son Akhenaton:
"Splendid you rise, O living Aton, eternal lord! You are radiant, beauteous, mighty, Your love is great, immense. Your rays light up all faces, your bright hue gives life to hearts, When you fill the Two Lands with your love. August God who fashioned himself, Who made every land, created what is in it, All peoples, herds, and flocks, All trees that grow from soil; They live when you dawn for them, You are mother and father of all that you made. When you dawn their eyes observe you, As your rays light the whole earth;. Every heart acclaims your sight, When you are risen as their lord. When you set in sky's western lightland, They lie down as if to die, They lie down as if to die, Their heads covered, their noses stopped, Until you dawn in sky's eastern lightland. Their arms adore your ka, As you nourish the hearts by your beauty; One lives when you cast your rays, Every land is in festivity. Singers, musicians, shout with joy, In the court of the capstone[benben]-shrine, And in all temples in Akhet-Aton, The place of truth in which you rejoice. Foods are offered in their midst, Your holy son performs your praises, O Aton living in his risings, And all your creatures leap before you. Your august son exults in joy, O Aton living daily content in the sky, Your offspring, your august son, Sole one of Ra [the king]; The Son of Ra does not cease to extol his beauty, Neferkheperure, Sole-one-of Ra. I am your son who serves you, who exalts your name, Your power, your strength, are firm in my heart; You are the living Aton whose image endures, You have made the far sky to shine in it, To observe all that you made. You are One yet a million lives are in you, To make them live you give the breath of life to their noises; By the sight of your rays all flowers exist, What lives and sprouts from the soil grows when you shine. Drinking deep of your sight all flocks frisk, The birds in the nest fly up in joy; Their folded wings unfold in praise Of the living Aton, their maker."

"quia delectasti me Domine in factura tua et in operibus manuum tuarum exultabo" (For thou, LORD, hast made me glad through thy work: I will triumph in the works of thy hands.) (Psalms,

* LA GUIRNALDA PRECIOSA - Un Encuentro con EL DALAI LAMA - Día del Shabbath del Sábado 27 de Febrero de 2021  en "El Día de las Ofrendas" y "El Día de los Milagros"

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